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So I heard you liked timed games, especially those ones
with no skill required at all. With all that said
it will still, literally, take you hours to beat the high score.
To win you're going to have to do what we all hate most:

No rules here. You don't have to sit and watch it the whole time,
just keep the window open as long as you can.
Close it accidentally and you've lost all the time you spent waiting.

Good luck!

(and NO, this is NOT the game I've been
working on for months. I made this in less than 24 hours.)

- Stopped counting centiseonds; it's more accurate and less processor heavy.
- Changed high scores from centiseconds to milliseconds, so they'll be 10x more than last time.
- Submission buttons don't use the hand cursor anymore.
- Default name input value is now your newgrounds username, so maybe sometime the high score table won't be littered with "name".
- The 'Score' you see at the end is now your actual score in milliseconds, what goes on the high score table.

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Tee Hee

Only a person like you could get away with this.

K-Guare responds:

Or you. :] <3

I'm way too impatient to play this game

I usually give up around 13-40 seconds

K-Guare responds:

Hey, you beat me!

:D heh.

Not overly impressing.

I am somewhat dissapointed to see this game you've made. Simply bringing the use of a stopwatch to the internet and letting people see who can stay on the longest does not seem like much of a game to me. I've viewed your other work which is very well organized and fun to play. After letting this online stopwatch run on my computer for a couple of minutes, I realized this game had no value.

The setup to the game made it look promising, vibrant colors and sounds, but after that it all went downhill. Even the simple button clicking games keep you entertained for the majority of the time spent playing. Those games have a funny message that changes as time passes by, you could have at least had something enjoyable such as pictures displayed in the game.

Once again, this was inferior to your other work. I hope to see improvement from this game in your next submission. Keep up the good work!

K-Guare responds:

The game is a joke. :]
But thank you for your compliments, and criticism.

Truly sickening.


Still making yourself look good I see. We already know you make your games tailored to yourself, and we all know you cheated to get that score. That's over 807 years. Quit making flash if you're going to make it how YOU want it only like a bitch.

If you want to make games for yourself, and have the highest score. DON'T fucking post them here.

K-Guare responds:

Why would I cheat at my own game?
Yeah, that sure is satisfying...

But really,
I actually know the person who did that.
The score is legit. Now start waiting, son. :]

I hearby,

Take this challenge of which K-Guare Has bestowed on me! It shall be left open!

I hope this isn't some joke. I'm seriously leaving it open.


K-Guare responds:

It's not a joke, but don't be surprised if you don't beat the high score. :]

Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2009
3:20 PM EDT
Skill - Other