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Welcome to the WALK! collaboration, where the objective was simple: make a walk cycle.

We got many submissions, many good, many bad. I've chosen the best of these, and brought them to you in the best way possible: as a music video.

Unlike previous collabs I have organised, this one went without any major hassle. Sure, we had a few minor hiccups, but nothing I couldn't sort out in 10 minutes.

I am still waiting on a few of the members to accept their co-author request. Until then, just imagine Dayl and Medoukali-Vincent on the list.

So, go and make yourself a cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy the show. :)

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needs gif images

why didyoumakethis

we just got to seehow bad you people draw


This is a nice collab and the song is very nice.What song is it?

Another one...

I mean the Lady Gaga flash was alright, but again? There is no work being put into these collabs, there is hardly any animations but dancing or walking cycles... it just seems "lazy". You guys need to work more on your flash, and I am sure more people would like it. How it racked a score of 4.04 is obvious, everyone voted on their own flash.

Come on guys, do something great... stop with the collabs that obviously are not taking you very long, yet racking up your flash submission #'s. I mean, it's not like the amount of flash you have makes you famous or anything.



I liked how almost all the authors took a specific and/or different walk and character and put it to animation, just goes to show how many different types of walking there really are.

The lack of a story or plot didin't really bother me, as it's a collab and isn't really in need of one.

-Review Request Club-

Insanimation responds:

Thanks. That was the intention, to show how important walk cycles are in Flash, and not all walks are the same.