Celebrity Jackpot

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Celebrity Jackpot :

Comical Preloader - Your bank is NOT ACCESSED.
Click the 'i' for information - Bottom Right of Slot Machine.

Features :

- Treasure Chest
- Horse Racing
- Magic Balloons

(4 and 5 of a Kind)
Celebrity Shooting Gallery

Extra Options :

- Configure the Winning Percents Manually
- Pour Yourself A Drink, And Mix Your Own Flavour
- Pull The Spin Bar
- Gamble The Winnings

Check out The Action Script Link - Comments ? MX2004

(c) Goo 2009


i got 147 million something with a little thing i like to call the robbing exit ok so if you win a gamble repeatedly click exit until you're done if you made it

Great slot machine game.

To the people saying you're getting jackpot too often, that's what the control panel is for, tweak it to your own liking.

meh, good

not bad. It's possible to win the jackpot multiple times on just one spin - without free spins. (you only get 10k for each additional jackpot). I think the odds need to be messed with, I won 20 free spins and the flash just kept running and spinning for about 10 more minutes before I closed the game.
Speed up your mini games or at least increase the mouse sensitivity for the games. Enjoyed shooting Dr. Phil though.

goo13 responds:

Maybe you wouldnt be complaining if it was real money (lol). I agree about the odds and freespins. It needs a bit of tweaking. The shooting gallery is a good extra game, it gets difficult after a few levels.

I Wish This was Real

If this was a real slot machine i would love it, i was after 20 free spins with 49.950 per spin, 7.500.915$ up, nice game, only to easy

Too easy...

Pretty good idea, and while I personally don't care much for celebrities, the icons on the reels could be anything, so I won't judge it based on that. Here were a few problems I picked up on.

Firstly, your account can run into ' - ' figures. While that might seem fine, it means that I could just select five rows with a max. bet and pretty much guarantee a massive win off the bat. I know it can come down to me choosing whether I want to abuse that or not, but I'm just pointing it out.

Secondly, after exploring the interface for a while, I discovered the Control Panel. I set one of the odds to 100%, pressed spin, and it caused Flash to crash, stating that the script was running too slow. Just thought I'd let you know.

...I sound like a beta tester...

goo13 responds:

For effect, it only allows one of each slot per column. On the control panel you can click 'Unlock' to override this limitation. The ability to alter it was intended to just slightly change the odds. For a single slot set to 100% the system check ends up just using random slots for the rest of that locked column. Bug Fixed, but the control panel needs work. The game was set to make the game good for small durations with large winnings.

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2.65 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2009
4:53 AM EDT
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