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Full instructions are in gadget. Lay down your drum hits by clicking the blue rectangles, set your Beats per Minute and go. 4 steps per beat.

When you first set the machine playing there will be a bit of lag for the first couple of seconds (and immediately after setting/unsetting a hit) but it will quickly settle down to a steady rhythm. The less tabs/programs you have open the smoother the drum machine will play so shut down unnecessary surfing for the best experience.

Patterns are saved to your clip board. Simply copy and paste.

More drum kits coming soon.

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so simple - its perfect !!!

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I m gonna jam on my guitar to this simple and melodic drum pattern

It rocked

Awesome game.

I made a simple latin beat (too lazy right now to make a crazy, Tre Cool-ish beat) that's played at a speed of 120BPM.

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Could Be Better

Its Good, But It could be better,
Heres Mine BTW: 0 180 65535 65535 65535 65535 65535 65535 65535 65535

Not bad

It's a great concept. The lag is a bit bothersome, and you really should have it so that the rhythms are longer, but not too shabby overall


It was a good idea however there was putting the hi hat at constant 16th notes gave a very nonuniform sound. Instead of a constant stream of evenly distributed notes it sounded like spurts of sound. My only other complaint is that there is only one meter to work with, in future installments perhaps add a longer track so actual songs can be composed rather than beats. GReat idea keep up the good work

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Mar 16, 2009
10:34 AM EDT
Gadgets - Musical