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Cubic Disturbance

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A very cool twist on physics based games - place bombs, carefully time them to explode and get the yellow block to the level's floor.
Use the left mouse button to place/drag bombs.
Keyboard shortcuts: Use "<" and ">" to move through existing bombs,
"+"/"-" to change a bomb's timer, "Del" to remove a bomb and "esc" to cancel the selection.

Comments are welcomed of course!


Great idea

I like it even it is not about playing on the first time but about trying chances of placing bombs.

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really fun!!!

wow!!! that was a really fun game!!! if you cna, make some more

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you need to put in a restart button

just look at level 25: A block is sliding down a slope, and one needs to set a bomb. If one dosn't make it, the block will be resting on the ground with little chance of moving it, much less getting it to the finish.

And I hate that this game is so bloody random, if I set a charge somewhere it does not produce the same result every time I set it off, even though it is the same level and the blocks havn't moved a bit from the last run. that sucks. But the game is playable I'll give you that.

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Pretty awesome. Gets kinda hard twords the end though. The ability and save or load levels would be cool though. I thought it was kinda odd that the physics would be active before you even push start though. So things like box's on chains and stuff would get kinda random when you're trying to time everything just right. But for the most part it was pretty awesome. keep up the good work.

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3.85 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2009
9:01 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other