Cubic Disturbance

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A very cool twist on physics based games - place bombs, carefully time them to explode and get the yellow block to the level's floor.
Use the left mouse button to place/drag bombs.
Keyboard shortcuts: Use "<" and ">" to move through existing bombs,
"+"/"-" to change a bomb's timer, "Del" to remove a bomb and "esc" to cancel the selection.

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This is a great game-- innovative and fun. The only thing I suggest is adding some sort of graphically representation of the explosions. Having the explosion-force be invisible is too passive-looking.

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pretty good

it reminded me of totem destroyer and perfect balance, both pretty good games so i guees that makes this game not so bad itself. good basis for a game, aside from the puzzles on each level it needs more to it


i got bored very quickly, its too much like BoomBot
The thing i missed most was explosions and sound effects, add those and it will be more enjoyable!


I loved to play this game but i can't get past level 23 since the small block with chain attached on it keeps exploding apart instead of bouncing up to the tower no matter where i place my bombs or using other blocks. The physics in the game need a rework because sometimes the blocks 'flies' differently even without moving bombs.

I found another way to set the bomb timer, the green bar that represents the time in the bomb timer console can be moved with your mouse like you do with a scrollbar.

addicting, but

your phys engine is wack.mess around with it a bit more before you make a game based off of it.

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3.85 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2009
9:01 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other