Lethal War Zone

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Real-time strategy game. Research new technologies, build your base, control the resources and make an army to destroy your enemy.

The game includes 7 buildings, 5 towers and 11 units which can be done when you research them before playing a zone. Some units and towers can only be done with a specific technolgy choosen at the start (air or ground). Units and towers increase their experience while you play and the player can keep his best units for the next zone.



- Select units.
- Move units.
- Attack.
- Select a mouse action (produce, sell, repair, cancel).
- Produce units.
- Place buildings.


Space - Desselect units and restore standard mouse action.
P - Pause.
R - Repair.
DEL - Sell.
C - Center to base.
Arrows or AWSD - Move Map.
Shift - Center to selected unit.
Shift+1 - Assign selection to team 1.
Shift+2 - Assign selection to team 2.
Shift+9 - Assign selection to team 9.
Shift+0 - Assign selection to team 0.
1 - Select team 1.
2 - Select team 2.
9 - Select team 9.
0 - Select team 0.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a bug with CPMstar ads on statistics screen after playing a mission. You need to wait till the ads is shown before clicking NEXT or the screen can turn black. Sorry with that bug but there is nothing a can do.


I think this game may have been too complicated. I wouldn't quite recommend it. It's still pretty fun for being so huge. I thought it would just be a standard defense game, but it was so much more. The CGI was okay. I just couldn't get into it that much.

I'm not that into games so complicated. It's still fine for what it is. I always want to try new things. This got to be fairly popular. I guess that's expected for Daily 5th place winner.

Decent but has issues...

I liked most of it, but there was really annoying issues in this game...

Your towers would shoot your walls if an enemy got behind them.
-Why can't a tower that's obviously taller than the walls shoot over the walls?
-Why is this happening?

Can't build long sections of wall at a time.
-You have any idea how boring and tedious it is to have to click the wall button a billion times?
-Give us an option to make several lengths of wall at the same time please.

No explanations.
-What's the orange bar? The green bar? the white bar?
-How far is 150 range?

AI is stupid like shit.
-I'll shoot up a wall section and the AI will come down to inspect the wall, I move my tank back and they just shrug their shoulders and run back to their main starter point.

It was pretty fun at first but then just went downhill on the second mission.

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FireVictory responds:

All you are talking about is explained in full game guide which has a link inside HOW TO PLAY section.

Just some of towers can shot over walls, same happens with units. This is part of the strategy when you play.

The orange bar is the current level of the unit, while the white bar is the experience of the current level. The green and blue bar are the current hp of the unit.

150 range is a indication to know how far a unit can shot, if you want an exact quantity it is 150 px in the game but that info is shown just to know if a unit has a high or a low range. Same happens with an unit speed, reload time, etc...

About wall construction, yes it can be improved but in many rts you have to build the walls this way.

IA looks for you when you attack his base (except on first map which is a tutorial). If you attack other zone of his base the IA will go to defend that zone. IA isn't stupid like shit ;) Try a high efficiency playing at beyond zone 5-6 (winning those maps won't be as easy as winning on first zones) and then tell it if you want, the game has a lot of work and it has been tested several times.

All of this is explained on the full game guide, which would be too long to put it on game description.

Thx 4 all your comments.

ok but....

AI is retarded and building walls is so boring one square at a time there is much room for improvement

FireVictory responds:

I don't know if u realized the game doesn't consist on just building walls. I think i'll have to do just a game for building walls. In first map IA is retarded, yes, first map is a tutorial.


Great concept but ... The graphics aren't much to look at, the controls are absolutely horrid, you try to mount an attack with some repair trucks to follow and it's just not possible without a lot of hair pulling. To select a unit you have to drag and pull WAY below the unit or it's not selected. I realize you are going to write a nasty comment about my review without me being able to retaliate whatsoever so you look like the big guy talking shit but no amount of being angry at me will fix a fundamentally broken game. I suggest checking out some other RTS' on here and learn a bit. It's not bad but a lot of it is an utter mess and needs a lot of work. You have some good ideas (though honestly most has been done elsewhere you just brought them all together) though the execution is lacking... a LOT. Keep trying and you'll eventually get it, though this attempt you aren't even close.

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3.85 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2009
6:59 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)
  • Daily 5th Place March 17, 2009