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This is an arcade-style vertical shooter featuring abstract graphics and effects. It increases in difficulty gradually as you play, and as more enemies appear the screen becomes more colorful. The unique music is influenced by the player, and attempts to create a calming atmosphere.

Use W, A, S, and D or arrow keys to move the ship, and hold SHIFT or Z to fire. The icons in the upper left represent how many lives you have left, and you can collect more lives by picking up the green circles occasionally dropped by destroyed polygons.

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u know..

put a bit more time and it will be good causde everything else i perfect

Very neat

The graphics were trippy, and the blurry effect softened the whole feel of the game. My one criticism concerning the graphics are I'd have preferred the stuff faded out slightly sooner.

What really caught me was the musical aspect of it....I'm sober (or pretty sure I am) and here's what I got out of the game.

Getting shot or shooting other vessels would cause different tones, in all I experienced with the game it sounded like brushes against various drums. The big tetrahedron (not sure if those were them) would have a soft crash sound, the little bright blue things, a brush-on-snare sound. It could just be coincidence but it seemed the faster I was killing the faster the background music got.

What I liked is that (seemingly) by merely playing this game every small action contributed to the overall music experience/aspect of it. I see very few games that do this on such a scale. It took mea few minutes to notice how everything blended seemlessly: the graphics were smooth, flowing and stunning, and the soft jazz (?) didn't merely set the mood, it changed the mood. It married perfectly. In my opinion this game, although simple to play and an all but played out concept, took "softness" (I.E. hue, mood) to a previously unreachable level. This is indeed the most elegant of this type of simple shooter I have ever played, and I doubt I will play something of the same type on such a level any time soon.

As for gameplay, everything felt fine enough, response seemed a little slow at times but I later discovered that to be from the blur effect. This had to be shared, as now if people read this and see that at least from my perspective it felt slow because of the blurring effect they'd be slower to give negative criticism concerning the controls and examine them more thoroughly, as this is likely an illusion.

Overall I defy anyone to point me to anything else on the web in this game type with such brilliance. Most excellent work.

probabilityZero responds:

I'm very glad that you appreciated my game, and took the time to write out such an in-depth analysis. Thank you so much for your kind words!

Its good

but maybe add more power ups and make them come every time you kill ten enemies or something like that and you'll get full marks

laid back and trippy...i like it

pretty visuals, increasing difficulty, good reply value. I like it ;)

just a title screen.

The window is too big, so I couldn't play the game. SO I can only rate it based on the first title screen.

Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2009
5:08 PM EDT