ATTN Duck Division

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Today da Owl Orchard visits the Duck Division, and exposes teh truth!!! i spent liek 5 hours last night makin dis, pl0x watch and vote fairly, and spred teh message of the DD, they are horrible internet criminals that mus be stopped!!


No strangers indeed

This was not good, but it was certainly better than a ton of stuff the Duck Division had. It seems like you can discover new organizations all the time. It has probably been too long since I have heard the Rickroll song. If you're going to make an infinite loop, you might as well use a good song. It was weird to see Pedobear with a beak. This could have also used a background as a lack of one rarely works in making it look professional.

Again, you are still more professional than the Duck Division or most other organizations out there. I think it worked best at the beginning with that German rendition of "Barbie Girl". I just assume it's in German. The artwork with the owl himself actually isn't that bad. Just work a lot more to have a plot in your work.

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fuck it i'll give this 5 and 10 hahaha. just because the duck division is so annoying and this is 10x better than what they put out. and since theirs passes and isn't blammed, this is getting a high score from me haha

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Ha. Nice!

Not much of a point to it, but the song made me laugh. It sounds like Rammstein but I don't think it is.

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Mar 15, 2009
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