Avoid or Destroyed

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Move your orb out of danger and away from the various bombarding enemies with the mouse. Collect the powerups to extend your life span and achieve a higher score. Post your score to the high score table to compete against other players, and climb your way to the top!

This is also my first game, so please review it and tell me what you think.
Thanks for playing!



though the grathics is simply amazing 3D effects barelyy any games have them!


Not original at all, but who cares? And it lacks of things like more powerups or something i don't really know, and the music makes me wanna die, please don't use some techno crap again in another version. Oh and Orbs are boring. Having an actual character would make it more interesting.

CrazyEgg responds:

Thanks for the feedback.

it's okay...

I've just read that this was your first game... that's pretty impressive. But I've gotta be honest, the music drove me nuts. I turned the volume right down after I realized it was some crappy techno song that everybody's heard a billion times before.

But the game itself was okay. We've all played this kind of game before, this was just another to add to the long list. Your a flying ball dodging other flying balls... nothing we haven't seen before.

It's kinda cool to see the different patterns that the balls fly in as you advance through the levels. Normally the game just gets faster and faster. So that's a nice twist. Graphics... meh. They get the job done.

I think the game really deserves a 6/10 just because everybody's played this type of game before, and this doesn't really bring anything outstanding to the table. But I'll give you a 7 because it's your first game. Nice job.

CrazyEgg responds:

Thanks. I understand that its not origional at all, but for my first game I just wanted to try and make something simple to expand my knowledge. My next game will be much more origional.

great game

at the moment i have highest score lol but fun and i played it for like 3 hour on your site

CrazyEgg responds:

Cool. Its not my site, it actually belongs to kChamp, who also is a game developer. I am glad you liked it so much =)

Not bad!

This game is pretty good; gradual increase in difficulty, tails to show movement/speed, basic powerups, different movement in different enemies...you have the basic components of a great dodging game.

There are too many areas on which you can elaborate though. First off, there are only two powerups. You can add maybe something that lets you shoot for a limited time, something that makes you smaller/bigger, a "smart bomb" that destroys all enemies on the screen, etc. The game is also way too short. In later levels, you could combine different enemies to further confuse and frustrate the player. Other than that, good job!

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CrazyEgg responds:

Thanks for the suggestions, I will be sure to incoorporate them into another avoid or destroyed game

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3.33 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2009
2:07 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid