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Zelda Dark Sorcerers 3p1

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Author Comments

Thank you again Scoot, Son, Emma, and Kiki for your amazing voice work on this one.

Link's hallucination brings him to John, John casts a spell for a certain person to find and help Link.

The others are confused as to why Link has disappeared and must figure out what to do before the Sorcerers come back.

Oops! I forgot to mention something, if you hold your mouse near the bottom of the screen you'll see the subtitles!

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Some improvement...

New characters left and right, but I think I understand most of them. That swordsman Link tried to fight was Eclipso, wasn't it? From the way Link described him, it was no wander he had a hard time trusting the former villian. Interesting that Ganondorf wasn't in the list of sorcerers, it'd be even more of a stretch (and accomplishment) if he didn't show up at all!

One thing that really bugs me are the girl's legs animations while they are feeding Puffy. It looks like Maria's leg isn't attached to anything.

Puffy is a cool, cute, character. Hopefully we'll find out what he is and where he came from next part.

Great stuff.

The story got a lot juicier from this episode though it was nice having subtitles but it wasn't much of a loss,the script was great and the voice acting was fantastic especially the blue haired guy,near the end it had a cute side to it with the little green creature eating up the food so it had a light side which was nice.

Room for improvement

It was all good, but when link was frozen, it just seemed to me that you were trying to find a way to just slip through a scene with no animation. However, my flashes could use a lot of work as well, anyway 9/10
2 for epicness
4 for the storyline
1 for the character art
2 for the awesome special effecrs.


It was good but I would just say that you should work on the legs (the part where at the beginning) they just looked really spindly.

very boring.

It's very long. mostly do to the fact that there were a ton of long and awkward silences with very little action and very boring backgrounds. But the animation was pretty good.

Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2009
1:29 AM EDT