The Unwanteds, Chapter 1

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This is just a very short scene that I did to introduce the characters and give some idea of their personalities. It was originally just still pictures with audio, and that kind of carries over since all the characters are pretty stiff and don't move much.

I probably shouldn't have abused motion tweens so much, and I understand that the characters themselves seem like statues with moving faces.

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not bad

kinda short but it was very sci-fi and adventuresome. I'm going to look for other parts if they are even out yet or i can't wait until they do

Looking forward to more.

I like this. My thoughts on it...

Okay, the animation is excellent, though I am not to fawn of the chosen colors. It seems a bit half down. The background is kinda blurry and lacking in detail. Not sure if that was your intention.

Things to Improve: Also I would like to see bigger splashes, and ripples in the water. I would also like to see the wake coming off the boat they are traveling on. What happened to their boat... did it just disappear? I say work more on water effects, which is one of the hardest things to animate. I would also like to see the villain's powers as well. Right now they seem like punching bags. Show people as to why they are on the Island as well. Make them into an obstacle for the characters to overcome, unless they are suppose to be the comic relief, then that is cool.

Things to keep: I like the story idea and it is entertaining to watch. The animations are pretty good and it looks like you have the basic understand of animating. The ending was pretty funny. I like the characters as well. The "I'm too cool" guy, The annoying girl, and the cowardly boy. Great mix of characters. The villains are well designed.


i lol'd at the smart guy. WHERES THE NEXT ONE?!?! lemme kno plz!

Quite decent!

When you said the scene was very short, I was thinking it was just going to be those drawings at the beginning. It turned out to be something way better and I'm glad! Anyway, the coolest thing was how well the character were designed. The voices were nicely done too and there was a fair number of good gags. This definitley has potential to become a popular series. My only problems are that some of the ideas just seem a little cliched and not very original.

What does matter is that you get the designs down very well and the ride is so fun. This was not a very short scene at all, but instead one that had quite a bit going on! I mean, I have known tons of artists who have made shorter scenes. You also did a good job of establishing the characters' personalities. I hope all goes well for you.


Is he down?
Yeah..he is down..
oh man! I should 've said something cool!
you never seize to amaze
thanks fo this one
keep it up

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3.50 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2009
7:44 PM EDT