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A short game about a man who tries to return to his relaxing life.

I've been working on this for a very long time, I hope you enjoy it.

It's really difficult I know, but hopefully you can all enjoy it.

Hopefully :3

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yep this is a gaem


couldent get pass level 1 title screen


Haha! I beat the gaem! haha! now we are all ready for gaem 2!

Its one of those games that's so hairpullingly difficult, that you feel like it's laughing at you every time you die. so you have to keep playing! and play on I did! fearlessly forward! Death after death! I forged on, unto the bitter end. and in the end, It was I who prevailed.

now we are ready for gaem 2! we are ready!! Let it begin!!!



The audio sounds like a certain Blink 182 song.

Very Nice

I liked it, however, at parts it was really irritating because I kept dying. I agree with BlackJack84, maybe you should put in like a powerup where you can shoot once, or a a powerup that you get body armor or something like that so you can defend from one hit etc. etc., to make the people more attached to the game. But all in all, I thought it was brilliant, I liked the snowboarding part, and on the bird part I was like "Wtf am I doing?" because they push s and d appeared and disappeared fast and after dying 4 times I understood it.