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Author Comments

Yet Another Tower Defense 5

Still has a lot of the old bugs but now it has easy hard and medium modes, it also has a on off button for the retarded sound/music
Retarded sound is now replaced with some awesome trance music, but its still there, as a rather easy to find Easter egg (credits)
Added some offensive jokes, if your the kind of person that goes insane if a joke is targeted at their race/religion/hair colour, get off my game.
Quite a few small changes, yet they all seem too small to mention, OK, so i've changed the maps so that hard, medium and easy are different, hard is shorter, AKA harder, makes sense!
And easier is longer, easier. The go to menu and still have some annoying things on the screen bug is still there, just don't go back till everything's off the screen, after you've won or lost, that's what the explosions are for! Bananas are cooler than fat people. Work it out yourself. Instead of a normal tower there is a machine gun on hard mode, to make it a little easier, they cost more though.
Not new, just keep forgetting to mention, click on the bar at the bottom (the wave timeline thing) and that will skip a wave, i only advise this if your on easy and pwning too much.
First off, i've added two new towers! Missile tower and Laser tower, one super strong, one super fast. That and a few extra small things such as grid snapping, i added grid snapping! This means that it will look... Neater, well that was the initial idea. All suggestions will be read and appreciated!

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Okay, I've Had Enough

Go ahead and read my review from your 3rd one, I'm not about to say all of that again. (If you're too lazy to click the links, just replace the number in your URL with 486179, my review can be found there.) In addition, I'd like to add that even worse than taking someone else's copy/paste script, you're now spamming the Portal! You've created 4 of these already when you should be updating the old one. Should I commend you for changing numbers in a copy/paste script? Of course not! You've added music that's not yours, graphics that aren't yours, and script that's not yours. The buttons look decent, but even if you did those (which I somewhat doubt) it's still not enough to turn this Flash around! You've even copied the Newgrounds preloader! All of the categories reviewers are supposed to judge Flashes on (Graphics, Sound, Violence, Humor, Style, Interactivity) are either "borrowed" (Graphics, Sound, Interactivity) or simply not present at all (Violence, Humor, Style). You've shamelessly copied work other people have done and you've heavily marred the Portal at the same time. Please learn how to create decent Flashes yourself or at least delete all of these unworthy sequels and keep the latest updated version, which I find a lenient suggestion on my part. And the reason the game still has so many bugs is because you don't know the script yourself. If nothing else, even a crappy stick animation, a squiggle animation, or a maze game is still better than something that you didn't even create, let alone understand.

PowerfrogProductions responds:

First of all, the graphics are mine. nothing to be proud of, but they are. The NG preloader was designed for developers to use. and as for the scripting, i've added quite a lot to it, i also followed the tutorial fully instead of using an open source straight away, i have permission from the music author, WoodenToaster. And for the "uploading a new one instead of editing the first", I'm sorry, i didn't know that was possible on newgrounds, I'll delete the older versions and do that from now on. Although i respect your comments and "reviews" on my game, i think your a little harsh, yes, i used a tutorial, a lot of people do. But i've already done a lot to make it my own, and I'm still going to do more to it, I'm not going to give up because you don't like it. I look forward to your review on my next game, buh-bye.

I loved it

I know I gave it an eight. I love Tower Defence games, ok heres some thing you may want to add: Make it longer, make it a bit harder, add more weapons(or whatever there called) , and maybe a few more effects. But I really liked it, please make another and ill favorite this.


The game is not bad, but the end is kinda lame it is a good game however, since it kept me playing until the end.
Maybe an idea: the music was okay, but a choice of 3 different songs might be a good idea, also: the banana was really original, definetley good!
Keep up the good work, it worked really well!

PowerfrogProductions responds:

Thanks very much, and i was at first planning on letting the user pick 3 songs, but that would triple the game size, which wouldn't go down too well. And maybe one day I'll add a real ending, although i think having that end would be funnier.

Fun to Play, Hard to look at

I'm a big fan of tower defense games and I am a fan of yours. It is hard, not impossible like some, but the whole time the game was going I was trying to keep up. So for game play I'd give you like an 8/10. When it comes to graphics though you need some work. I'd look into finding someone to work with. This is my problem too, so please don't think I am just hating.

thanks for the game.

PowerfrogProductions responds:

Thanks for your review, yeah, I'll admit that graphics are defiantly not my strong point, practice makes perfect (OK, fine, i suck and I'll never get better >.>) I'm planning on totally re... I'm gonna make it look prettier in future updates. Glad you liked the gameplay.

its just like them all but...

their are hundreds of tower defense games, and most of them look really nice if you want to blow up ice cream then that can work, but get better graphics otherwise it will be just another game....

Credits & Info

3.64 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2009
2:54 PM EDT