Monster Poise

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Help Creature to gain his friends respect. Don't let him fall down. You have to balance his body so as not to fall. Use arrows to control.


Not bad...

While many people are complaining about the control I found them quite appropriate. The game while, single idea focused, was nicely put together and the graphic were smooth. You are going to need to add more elements like other challenges with cumulative scores to make this truly great.


uhh, seems like a good gam,e, but a little too sensitive and you dont tell the user the controlls, which is really fucking annoying


I like Creature, he's funny and yet cool.

But, these games need more to it, this will be a good game in the first couple of weeks, and then it'll be nothing more but a lost soul in the NG Database.

You should add distractions, more options, or whatever, get more stuff into this game.

The handling could be better too, although everything reacts the way it should be, it's TOO good, so you will fall to quick, once you know this, it's a bit better, but you should make the handling a bit better, smoother, but not to loose.

Besides that, I love the animation and the art, with Creature, those are the top things here. I wasn't playing with sound (since I've got my music on), so I can't tell you something about the music.


yeh it was ok, there are tons of balance games in here thought, it will probably dissapear there...

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It was average

This was an ok game but there are a few things.
1. The graphics were really good
2. The handeling was not that great
3. It gets repetitive

To fix 2 and 3 try and make more modes for the game.

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3.32 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2009
2:13 AM EDT
Skill - Other