Fear Unlimited Issue2

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Warning: This game is excessively violent , some moments may cause seizures in epileptic sufferers and is overall hardcore.

I dedicate this game to the fans who have supported me and been on the forums with me to this day.
There are times when i seem like i dont care about them but thats not true. Fear Unlimited is A demanding and hard game to make. The coding may be simple but the testing itself isnt.
lastly its a time consuming game to make. I plan on seeing it through to the end though so thankyou for the support.

as for flamers and blamers. Yes the games a tribute to devil may cry therefore the game play is similar. along with similar points as well. No need to kick the dead horse guys. I make this game for the fans and the people who want to see more. Not for you guys who want to bitch about originality and yet seem to have not a single submission of their own.

So lets have fun here, thats what this is about.

as for difficulty-----
let me just say I do aim this towards the gamers this time as opposed to FU Arena which was made criminally easy to aim towards new players. but lets cut the crap we want games that will twist or balls (metaphorically).
This is a twitch action brawler that doesnt know the meaning of easy, literally. The easiest difficutly is still quite hard.

So with that out in the open, understand that hard games like this are really hard to test. since i actually have to beat the levels on my own merits.
Its Not without mercy however. If you find the game hard. You can keep blood orbs earned from enemies to upgrade weapons and power.
This game features 2 brand new weapons. and one of the hardest boss battles in flash history.
no i do not kid. you will know it when you see it
this game however is not impossible. It is beatable and all enemies have a strategy to follow.

ALso make note that this game is shorter than issue 1. I decided back in febraury 2009, when i started actually working on fu issue2 that it would be best to make it an episode based series as opposed to large games.
I have a story to tell. I wanna tell it and I want the fans who have supported me to be able to finish it one day. Therefore, buy decreasing the game by (2 missions or so) I am able to be more encouraged to finish each game. I do have other things to do and that i wanna do.

Thank you Very Much, and Please enjoy my labours.

So that being said, let the games begin.



FU1 was so much better than this and issue 1..

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sooo hard but great game

to hard cause you have to little bit health but teh game is awesome and you should make the twin dagger thing chargable :D

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Not great...

Overall it was good but the game is horribly hard. I never actually beat the first level. I got tired of actually going up and beating them and I tried shooting. That took me to the big boss or whatever however, he ended up killing me too. Also I was shocked to see how many enemies popped up in that same level despite the fact that the enemies have an insane amount of health. Other than that the graphics, sound, and controls were pretty good. Just fix the gameplay in the sequel.

good ass

best f'ing game eva

mission 4

game is great fukin luv it.

an issue i came up 2 so far.....aftr i beat mission 4 he dies heads falls he bleeds yada yada...........it wont proceed past this part. so i am stuck ere or wat??

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Mar 13, 2009
8:34 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler