Cargo - Prologue

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Due to the amount of 3D and high quality music in this game, it is going to have to be separated into many different sections because of the NG size limit. Luckily, your character is saved in between each game so it will flow as one continuous game.

This is the basic introduction to Cargo, which will let you get a feel for how the game will be played. Cargo II - Not Alone will stray away from the narrative and focus more on battles.


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first 1

i played the secnt 1 too


Ok some people get off his back its a prolouge its not the game so of course it is not that good yet but still awesome i like it just like i like all of your other games
6/10 voice
4/10 gameplay(too slow)
6/10 graphics(youre just starting so its pretty good)
8/10 ideas(Love the action mode)

Really innovative, but still needs work...

Some of the ideas you had were great. I'm particularly impressed by "action mode" and hope that it can go beyond simple "yes-no" gestures.

The game just needs some more technical finesse.

-The character movement felt weak (especially since you couldn't move backwards.)

-Needs better voice acting (I couldn't "feel" anything they said)

-Grainy filter needs to be less abused (maybe use it during flashback sequences...but doing during whole gameplay is overkill...)

-RPG element needs some improvement. I'd like to see something innovative for it other than "point and click"

Improve on this and throw in some puzzles or something in later installations, and this game series could easily be in "NG top 20."

breaking away from a flash game

this is something that somewhat reminded me of the fear series along with an rpg element. I love games that have some psychological effects. so lets get started shall we... your voice acting was great quality some of your sounds you set in were short and repetitive with no mute button. the film grain was a great idea and had a lot of effect but if you over use it it will lose its power that your trying to convey to your players. I would say look at some other turn based rpgs to get ideas on how to speed up the battle sequences a bit other wise people lose interest. A good variety in battle options is always nice and maby a lvling system and items in the future. your graphics will improve over time no doubt about that. your use of 3d was innovative in a different way than other 3d animations ive seen and played so keep that up. your off to a great start and ill look in the future to see your improvements

well done

i saw the flaws but for a flash game so well done the 3d was awesome and the story will put you in the rpg mode you may make the first well done rpg onj newgrounds great voice acting and well great visules frome 3d to third person and character models really bad rpg fighting scenes its a prologe so i forgive the fact your health bar refils fter each fight but in the next one i hope for some menue to equip new wepons put on items or armor all those things should come in handy and hopefully when your far enoth a world map and some ultimate wepon