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Gravitationally fun game with the greatest plot in the portal this year.
Please give any suggestions and i'll test them out and if they work well i'll add them.

Left - Left thruster
Right - Right thruster
Space - Up thruster


Buy me a house

Also this is a very good game - better than that other one you made which was crap. But not as good as the one on your website where I get to punch you in the face repeatedly.
Buy me a house.

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Trufforce responds:

Thank you very much person i have never met before.
And no i shall not.

Not Bad

It was pretty straight forward and well done, the graphic's weren't impressive, the game was pretty much skill testing, but i personally don't like skill testing games of that nature.

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Trufforce responds:

Well, your entitled to your opinions. Thanks for the 7.

Good Start

But I got Bored after 25 points, it was too easy once you got the hang of it. You need to add different lvls where there is more stuff to avoid, and things that come after you.

good concept though, and I had to use the arrow keys, the WASD didn't work for me

Trufforce responds:

yeh, sorry about that, i meant arrow keys.
I may make extra level in the temporaly quantum game "PotUD II"

not bad! ^^

hey, that a good begin for a game play that! ^^ i play a little at it, but if that have more good graph and various function that will be more cool (more alway more)
so good luck by a french guy!

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Trufforce responds:

Yeh, the game play isn't up to scratch, I created the physics "engine" and ran out of ideas for an actual game, so i just made it a simple coin collecting game. PotUD II will be better... if i ever make it.

Nicely done

A thoroughly addictive game incorporating clever physics and unique tactical methods. Not seen a game like it. Well done Colin!

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Trufforce responds:

A thoroughly enticing review incorporating clever words and a unique score of 10. Not seen a review like it. Thanks Dan!

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4.02 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2009
1:54 PM EDT
Skill - Collect