Ginger Dawn

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Ginger Dawn is part of the Routes project at www.routesgame.com. It's a game of skill: breed as many ginger babies as you can and save the recessive gene! Suncream will allow you an extra day in the sun, and bagpipes will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

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the animations, music and graphics were quite good. the whole gameplay was pretty good as well. but the game...

it wasnt so good. hopping around, looking for women to have red headed babies with is just not fun. maybe if you... well, made a completely different plotline. maybe then it would be much better.

just maybe.

bit boring and slow.....

Can't help but feel as a redhead I should be offended by this in some way... apart from being biased from the beginning I did think the game play was very slow, wandering around getting stuck on plants and fences killed it for me.

wow, red heads will never be the same

I didn't know what to expect initially. I thought it was simple but as I got to level 5 I was freaking out. Damn it got difficult. I played this multiple times and thought the excuses/responses were great, ie "not with a blindfold", "once bitten", "never again". Sunblock and bagpipes were cool power up items. One thing I learned was persistence - keep trying to score and maybe it will work the 2nd or 3rd time around. Also the multiple encounters was good. Finally, the death sequence was great. One problem was sometimes I felt I was "stuck" in certain areas. Maybe because I was rushing back home. Thanks! Your creativity shined; keep up the good work.

lol, wow

100% win. I love the moving engine, and the bagpipes!
Great work!

A good laugh

it gets old, but this is a pretty good time killer

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3.91 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2009
12:12 PM EDT
Skill - Other