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Hex Empire

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Hex Empire is a strategy game, a little similiar to Risk. It has simple rules (read in-game help) but absorbing gameplay on thousands of generated maps. I hope you will enjoy!
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Great Game

Love this game I realy enjoyed it since the ai did not make stupid moves. This is one of the few strategy game and It is way funnier than risk.

Lots of Fun

I really enjoyed this game. The tactics became clear through play, though it was a little easy. Even still, the AI didn't make stupid moves, which I appreciated. Well done!

A Must Play!

An incredibly good quality game, especially for flash. People who like games like RISK or play games like Conquer Club will really enjoy it. It isn't just the same classic game with some coup de grace either, it's a unique strategy game in it's own.

Love it

I like this far more than Risk. Risk always seemed random to me, but this is far more solid and sensible, and involves definite strategy. Many was the time that I moved somewhere, then realized it was a suboptimal move, and got my ass kicked soundly.

Great job on giving each of the nations a slight description--but the game can have so much more than that! There's potential for customization, at the very least. Different sizes of maps, different numbers of nations, and more flavor text would be awesome. Took me a failed try to figure out the game mechanics and why no units popped up in my ports, but after that I found the game very engaging and intense. Perhaps the AI could be a little more intelligent? Oftentimes, when I dominated the entire map, they'd still go on with their petty squabble even as I was approaching their small kingdoms. If they banded together, they would have stood a good chance, but the infighting turned the tables far over to my end.

It would also be neat to randomize leaders for each nation, and create a personality for each leader (like Civilization?). It would add far more interest to play the game the first few times and find out that X always backstabs you early, and Y tries for landgrabs before conflicts.

In the interest of balance, I can understand why you might not want to modify the game much after this, but you should still try it out: make different modes (maybe even label them as "untested" or "possibly unbalanced") that have different gameplay styles. One mode could have actual artillery type ranged units, or have air units and terrain bonuses. Really, limitless possibilities.

Good luck on all your other works! I really liked this one.

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I loved it!

This game had everything I liked in strategy games. It reminded me of of the game risk.
I liked the AI's ifficulty setting, smart, but not impossible. I liked how you put in sounds and made the sustem work out. Beautiful job.

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4.45 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2009
5:36 AM EDT
Strategy - Other