Dante's Inferno w/ Mario

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Mario plays as Dante and Toad plays as Virgil in this fun-filled tour of the monster-filled circles of Hell!

This time, my use of Mario characters isn't entirely my fault.

BlueEyedSweeTie needed a school project done about Dante's Inferno, so she gave me part of a script to work with for me to make a Mario Flash movie for her, since she thought I would use sprites. She also thought the movie wouldn't have sound. Instead, I exceeded her expectations by voicing nearly the entire movie myself, making some short tunes in Finale Notepad, and drawing everything with the mouse. The result of a quick school project is the movie page you see now. The movie itself is about 3 and a half minutes, and I don't remember how long the credits are.

Anyway, enjoy!

[EDIT 03-14-09]: Shoot, I think I might could have gotten a Daily Feature if I had submitted this just thirty minutes earlier than I had. Ah well. Fourth's not bad. =P
[EDIT 03-18-09]: I signed on today and noticed my movie had made it to the frontpage, which I honestly hadn't expected. Many thanks to who put it there!
[EDIT 03-20-09]: By the way, there's not going to be a sequel.



I Have read the story, And I'm impressed that you could meld Mario's light-hearted tones with Dante's Classic tales of Damnation. I'm SLIGHTLY dissapointed that I didn't see the Malebolge and It's inhabitants, the Malebranche (Who I guessed would be covered by the koopa kids), but I guess you had a good enough reason to skip that section. And it's good to see original illustrations rather opposed to typical sprite animation. They're more original in my opinion. Nevertheless, I take this tale as a sort of "Inferno for beginners". Nice job.

riddle school character

chubb was in the 3rd floor

JonBro responds:

: D

LOLed at the yoshi part



Dante's inferno with mario...great!!! I loved the last part lol

Lmao! Awesome.

This was funny! Love the book. you did well. =)

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Mar 12, 2009
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