Dante's Inferno w/ Mario

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Mario plays as Dante and Toad plays as Virgil in this fun-filled tour of the monster-filled circles of Hell!

This time, my use of Mario characters isn't entirely my fault.

BlueEyedSweeTie needed a school project done about Dante's Inferno, so she gave me part of a script to work with for me to make a Mario Flash movie for her, since she thought I would use sprites. She also thought the movie wouldn't have sound. Instead, I exceeded her expectations by voicing nearly the entire movie myself, making some short tunes in Finale Notepad, and drawing everything with the mouse. The result of a quick school project is the movie page you see now. The movie itself is about 3 and a half minutes, and I don't remember how long the credits are.

Anyway, enjoy!

[EDIT 03-14-09]: Shoot, I think I might could have gotten a Daily Feature if I had submitted this just thirty minutes earlier than I had. Ah well. Fourth's not bad. =P
[EDIT 03-18-09]: I signed on today and noticed my movie had made it to the frontpage, which I honestly hadn't expected. Many thanks to who put it there!
[EDIT 03-20-09]: By the way, there's not going to be a sequel.



a very good flash, and it's obvious you have talent, but it seems rushed towards the end, what with skipping circles, and everything like that. you started at level two, skipped a few, then were in the last circle. odd, that was. great flash though man.

Not bad

Its funny that I just started reading the Inferno and I come across this flash. Besides the comical inaccuracies, the voice acting was painful to hear, just like listening to the screams of hell. The animationg was smooth, and high quality, the use of Mario bosses as guardians of the circles was awesome. Great work, and if you want to base another flash on a great work, try "Paradise Lost" now THAT would be messed up to see in flash.

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Could have been better...

...but what WAS there was alright.

Good start... what happened?

This had a really good premise, but the dialog kinda ruined it. I was expecting a little more than just "This is this and this is that..." It detracted from the comedy of it (if that's what you were going for, was comedy). Otherwise, it was pretty well animated and put together. I'd like to see more of mario reliving classic tales. I think it'd be worth a lol =]

Hell never looked so kid-friendly!

plus, Hell had musak. it can't be Hell without God-awful musak

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4.02 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2009
10:57 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody