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Your objective is to travel through the 'Machine' and avoid hitting machinery parts during your crazy journey.

Things starts of nice and slow, but quickly accelerate to insane speeds.

Look out for power-ups, they will help you survive a little bit longer.

How far can you get before you become a permanent fixture in the 'Machine'?


to easy

i liked it but the shield made it way to easy


it was quite good could be improved by adding lots of levels rather than one big level


its not bad but not great, and i realized some your sound effects were from Star Craft lol

dude!! quality!?

i could do way better if it didnt lag. we dont need the sparcles and glamour. its pointless and it makes the game LAG. wheres the quality controll?

i came to one point in the game (i was moving quite fast) where there was nowhere i could move so i wouldent crash! i think i was going down under one of the things that come from the top and leave a gap at the bottom, and next came a spinny thing with 3 arms. i was moving too fast so im not sure, but i think the 3 armed thingi was not moving. (even if it was i was moving faster so it wouldnt have made much differnce...) and it completely blocked my path.

lag ruins it

try removing pointless special effects for example the moving background would have been fine stationary, the glow around the gear was unnessesary and the trail of glowing stars was completely pointless, removing these would greatly enhance the gameplay.
Also when the gear speeds up having the rotating objects speed up would help, you cant slow down and end up smashing into them because they havent had enough time to rotate and give an opening.

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3.65 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2009
7:34 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid