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Your objective is to travel through the 'Machine' and avoid hitting machinery parts during your crazy journey.

Things starts of nice and slow, but quickly accelerate to insane speeds.

Look out for power-ups, they will help you survive a little bit longer.

How far can you get before you become a permanent fixture in the 'Machine'?


Old game, good show

This game has it's ups and downs.
It's a typical mouse avoider style game, but it has a good show
. The music+graphics are the only reason I kept playing
. It didn't go as fast as I thought it would. I had to get to level 6 before I got hit
. Some levels are too long
. There was a lack of power-ups

If you make a sequel hope this helps!

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nothing new here

People find this review helpful!

great game, nice twist on the old classic

every thing was great, i personally dont like games with no end (i.e. last until you die, i like the sense of achievement and completion... eh) so i cant give a 10, nor can i give alot of constructive feedback

regardless, great game, well done, i like the twist on the avoider game

and, bigcrazy... dude, nice catch with the machine thing, but honestly... drugs are not the way...

i hope that post was a joke, because if not, i urge you to seek professional help, you didnt say anything wrong... but you did blow your evidence out of proportion.... you based a conspiracy theory on one line from a (no offense to the author) quite simple avoider flash game... really not evidence that will stand up in court or anything

once again, i hope that post was a joke, because otherwise... seek help

now, BigRedBox, its fine to stand up for equality and free speech etc.... then there are simply people who say stupid things for whatever reasons... like to feel a false sense of power, or to incite unrest and maddness... there are exceptional cases, like when people base a conspiracy theory on one line from a flash game, where they need to be told to shut up and pull their heads out of the clouds.

back to the game, very well done, keep it up

It's ok

Nice game, nice music.

Really Crazy

Concept's great and all, but most obstacles can be avoided by going to the top of the map, particularly the spinning things and the expanding things. Maybe this was done on purpose, I don't know.

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3.65 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2009
7:34 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid