The Break-Up

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NOTE: Apologies for the sound quality, my microphone has been taking a steady beating for a while now.

Aimed at actionscripters
All reviews appreciated.

For a long time now I've been working on a couple of games, yesterday I hit a load of bugs and got quite frustrated. So decided to make a quick animation to clear my head.

A very quick comedy I wrote when bored in college yesterday afternoon, its not much but I hope you enjoy it.

Also a nice way for me to wave good-bye to AS2, my loving companion who sucked away my social life and replaced it with a crazy passion for maths. :)


Great Animation.

I hate school but my 5th grade teacher (a while back) once said that "if the writer writes or speaks with great detail, you get an idea of what'll happen next" and I was close. I though you were going to show going from Flash 8-Flash CS3 (or CS3-CS4 or 8-CS4,etc.)

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Thought you were gonna dis windows once you were talking about pushing it to far. But it was just flash AS 2.0, few....
Funny animation tho

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Slim-Bean responds:


Nah I love my windows :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for the review.


Heh. Funny.

It looks like he's smirking through the whole thing, though.

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Slim-Bean responds:


I only actually noticed the smirking right before I finished lip-syncing. I didn't have the time to go through it and fix it at that point.

Glad you found it amusing though :)


man i wish i could use 3.0, but i cant. Great job man had me laughing at the end!

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Slim-Bean responds:


Glad to see my 'rush' comedy writing paid off :)

Funny short

This was a great short and though the speech was a little cliche the end had me really laughing of him updating to Actionscript 3,the character design was solid and the voice acting was really good,all around a good,solid funny flash short. =)

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Slim-Bean responds:


I'm very happy the character design went down well with you, its been an area I've been struggling to improve in for quite a while.

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3.05 / 5.00

Mar 12, 2009
6:48 PM EDT
Comedy - Original