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Born to kill-mike project

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Author Comments

This is my first movie!
Thanks for votes.....especialy to Stalagmite!!!Thanks man!!!
I correct some mustakes....watch movie.....
P.s.Comes 2nd part of this movie....

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Not the worst thing I've ever seen. Pretty good for your 1st time too. maybe next time add a plot, better sound effects. Keep at it. :)

Ok i gess

Good for a first move but why did the car sound like a mashen gun?

A start..

You got a decent idea, you just need to practice some more animation before you start posting here.. First of all, no real people (or stickmen) have their arms sticking straight out to the side, usually they would be moving with him or doing some sort of human action (scratching his neck, or holding an object etc). Secondly its a bad idea to use images and drawn stickmen unless the stickman is drawn in the same style as the image. Thirdly people usually move their legs and arms while walking/running. Lastly, you should always make sure there are no spelling mistakes whatsoever in your intro and movie.. progect?!

Poo poo caka pee pee shire

Sorry, but this has no place on newgrounds.

hmmm, on track

Pretty Good