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The Solar Capades

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Mar 12, 2009 | 12:01 AM EDT

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this is a project for grade 8 science, please constructive criticism only thanks :P


I took into account all of the suggestions and have fixed most of it

thanks for the comments my sci. teacher was really impressed



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Get it right

You should check it again. Like the asteroid belt, which is leftover from, not form, the formation of the Solar system, not Galaxy.


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Quite good informative flash, through not a game.

To: Acedevilman
No, the Sun will not collapse into a black hole, it doesn't have enough mass to do it. Infact, it won't even go nova. It will turn into a red giant, then a planetary nebula, then a white dwarf. Also, take note that a nebula is not a supernova no matter how similarly they look like. Please do not go around giving the wrong information.

Now on with the review.

1. The sun seemed to be clickable (it moved when you rolled over), but actually isin't. You could stop it from moving and just allow the label to come up or simply put a static label on it with no rollover movement, so people won't assume it's clickable and try to click on it.
2. The venus information was too long and exceeded the bottom. It should be moved up.
3. Fix the line breaks for some planets. Specifically, paragraph 2 for venus, and the planets from jupiter to neptune. The lines were alternating long and short, making it hard to read. The lines should be of about the same length so it's easier to read. Lines at the ends of paragraph are ok, but the lines in the middle of the paragraphs look unsightly, as if line breaks had been placed in the middle of a sentence.
4. Most of the earlier planets, had more than just technical information ( technical info such as the origin of the name, oribit time, what it's made up of..etc.) on their descriptions. Somehow, the later planets had less extra information, making them less intresting. I'm assuminhg you ran out of more fun facts or something. It would be better to have more of these type of information. it makes it much more intresting.

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crazysalt responds:

sorry let me make this clear the sun isn't clickable thanks for the info I will fix this


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Definitely better than I cold do...hope you got a good grade. I cant really say aythin someone else didnt!


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lol it would be nice for some in-depth pictures of the surfaces of the planets, but just for a freaky fact, the sun, is an evergoing raging inferno, trying to escape the gravitational pull, created by their its own enormous mass. This makes it a delicate balance between the fires trying to escape and the gravitational pull of the sun. If on any occasion this delicate balance is interrupted, then the sun will collapse into itself and making it go supernova. Which eeryone knows it then becomes a black hole. But the supernova would destroy the entire solar system anyways. [Fun fact within a Freaky fact-if the sun goes supernova, it'll take about 2 mins before the blast hits us, what do you think people'll do during that 2 mins of blackout?]


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An improvement with the back button :D

Very informative, Keep up the good work :D