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Information is freedom. As a hotshot computer security cracker, you will solve over 50 puzzles and fight against totalitarianism, abuses of power, and terrorism. Story Mode offers a twist-filled story of international intrigue, and Challenge Mode offers 19 more puzzles to engage the mind. When it's all done, use the built-in puzzle editor to make and share your own creations!

Fresh from its exclusive period on Kongregate. I look forward to seeing what the denizens of Newgrounds think!

NOTE: Newgrounds's review system automajickally breaks long strings into lines and adds spaces between them, so if you see level codes posted below, you'll need to remove the extra spaces from the middle of them. I'll work on updating the game to strip out whitespace, but for now that's a workaround.


Clever and challenging

It's fairly challenging in the later levels, with a smooth learning curve. The simple interface and graphics are great. This could definitely use some more levels, because it was fun!

Excellent Work

I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The puzzles were challenging and interesting, never frustrating. Coupled with the great story and the way it was told, really made this stand out to me. The whole hacking theme reminded me of Uplink (If you know it).
Anyway, keep up the excellent work!!
...now...where can I get some persimmon pastries.....

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Well done

The story was very creative and the game was fun and rather challenging. Im sorry i dont have much more to say about it but i just dont think it really had any flaws that i could comment on and the pros outweigh them anyway.

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Really Good, Almost a 10!

I really like it, it took skill to play this game. I had trouble with the swearing though. If you want a lot of people to play the game, you could have better language and the rating would go down. I mean of course you want it to seem real, and it is your choice, but I want others to enjoy such a GREAT game! The story mode was pretty good. I liked it. I think you should make a sequal. I like levels with the purple blocks in a square. For people disciding to play the game or not. PLAY THE GAME! You should make a bio wepon game too, they are really good. I hope I have given you some good ideas and again for people disciding whether to play the game or not PLAY THE GAME!!!!!


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Funniest Story Ever

man that story was brilliant i got an idea 4 a sequel
while sk3cth and charlie went 2 arrest Li they get put in jail

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4.32 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2009
8:02 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other