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Information is freedom. As a hotshot computer security cracker, you will solve over 50 puzzles and fight against totalitarianism, abuses of power, and terrorism. Story Mode offers a twist-filled story of international intrigue, and Challenge Mode offers 19 more puzzles to engage the mind. When it's all done, use the built-in puzzle editor to make and share your own creations!

Fresh from its exclusive period on Kongregate. I look forward to seeing what the denizens of Newgrounds think!

NOTE: Newgrounds's review system automajickally breaks long strings into lines and adds spaces between them, so if you see level codes posted below, you'll need to remove the extra spaces from the middle of them. I'll work on updating the game to strip out whitespace, but for now that's a workaround.

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I think my mouse has dyslexia. This game would be liiiiitle easier on a touch screen

Pretty good, I certainly approve. Unfortunately, a few of the puzzles seem speed based more than working it out through brain power, and it's exceptionally easy to make mistakes in what you click and miss the moment, as in certain puzzles you only have a second between a bullet hitting its target and finding where you're supposed to ALLOW it to hit the target, amongst five other nodes.

It gets confusing pretty quickly and can become frustrating the more time you have to devote to memorization and quick reaction times.

During the first and the second chapter I thought that sk3tch was a terrorist all along.
During the third chapter I was sure that the building on the map will be blown at the end of story.
Thanks for good, unexpected ending.
Badly want the recipe of that persimmon pastries. =)

I love this combination of complex puzzle solving with a dystopian backstory, this works really well.

I like how the graphics are minimalistic, simple and computer-ish, and the music fits the mood of the game perfectly.

The gameplay itself is pretty challenging. Not only do you have to figure out the right sequence of moves to get a packet of information to get to the destination, you also have to do it quickly so you can get all the relevant barriers open when you do so. There are many different kinds of blockages that might get in the way in each level, and that makes for some intensely challenging puzzles, that kept me on edge while exercising my brain awesomely.

The story, while cliché, adds a bit of, I don't know, motivation, perhaps, to the gameplay. You feel like you're solving all these puzzles for a righteous reason, which is pretty cool. For freedom of speech, and the end of government opression! o/

Seriously, now, I'm gonna go back to this last puzzle, it's hard as hell, good job!

The mark of a great puzzle game is that, as soon as I beat it, I make a mental note to myself to come back to it as soon as it's been long enough that I don't immediately remember all the solutions. Been coming back to this game for the last 4 years. Absolutely amazing story and game mechanics.