darrens rpg game

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yep this is my first submission with limitations due to the one month trial on flash, save the town from the balls that have invaded

how to play: charge will drain health to gain mana
attacks... attacks
magic attacks use the mg lv
after the special bar is full u can use your special attack

note: the balls are suppose to be drawn badly it was funny at the time so dont go "you suck at drawing you get zero now"

keep in mind the time restictions put on me and the fact that im a noob at this

the music used is owned by sega(sonic games) and square enix(final fantasy)


This game feels rushed. Next time, take your time and play test a game before submitting it.

Nice game dude isnt the song from final fantasy?

Not Bad

Must have taken you a while to do all the variables, and you've got the hardest part down, now you can just make duplicates a little harder. there are some other porgrams than adobe flash you can try too, maybe sothink? I'm looking foward to another release!


well...needs better graphics and a more...interesting story but u can get something good if u get better

Decent, however....

It was a good game up until it bugged out on me... I was in the first battle and after several rounds of healing the interaction bar disappeared, i waited for a couple of minutes but nothing happened. However im not providing a rating on just the beginning so i replayed and the game was alright. Illustrations I find could have been improved as well as some sound and maybe some voice acting during the cut scenes. Other than that for people wondering what type of game this is it's an Rpg (as the title suggests...) and the fighting system is based off of Final fantasy.

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1.78 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2009
4:58 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG