Strip Tetris

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A classic column drop game with an obvious bonus for the fellas. The more rows you clear, the more this lady strips. Enjoy.

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Just another game trying to bait you to a website where the maker puts more gimmick games that run like shit. It's even worse than the chinese rip offs of tetris.

I didn't feel the need to write my own review, I agree with 'gdrocker' . Except about the girl's attitude . I didn't had a problem with that.

I like this even though it takes me like 50 times to beat it. I want someone to hack this game to only have the light blue 1x5 line so it can be easier.

All the issues that people before me have pointed out make the game too difficult in general. Even if you manage to clear several levels, it gets way too fast at level 8 and up. Also the down arrow key should only lower the block more quickly while it is pressed, NOT instantly drop it all the way to the ground. That might've been ok if there was a grid or drop shadow to help the player see where the block will fall, but there isn't so you may end up dropping it in a different spot than where you wanted.

"Enjoy"? Pffft, no. This is completely unplayable. When you have a field this damn large, there are certain things you need to take into account to make a decent Tetris 'clone'.

The first of those things is to gradually increase the difficulty, not to say, "Oh, you cleared a few lines, so I guess it's time to double the drop speed!"
The second would be something called a 'drop shadow'; on a field this expansive, with no guidelines whatsoever to guide the player, I often have to wait ten to thirty seconds just to be able to tell where my drop is going so I don't screw up because your game punishes us for fucking up.
The third would be--and this is the important part--smooth controls: I want to be able to have time to spin my blocks a couple times before they freeze in place, not to have them quick-drop onto the blocks below them and just magically stop like they were just fastened together with crazy glue.
The fourth is the block shapes and sizes. They have to be more uniform. You can't just throw the player a mish-mash of three-, four- and the occasional five-block pieces, especially on a field of this goddamn size (and no, I'm not going to stop talking about that because it's a big fucking deal). It's bad enough that we have to fill every single gap with three-piece blocks on a 20x23 map, but when you get a line piece that's five blocks long--oh, and you'll probably appreciate this analogy--it's like getting hit in the face with a double-sided dildo while someone screams in your face, "Where're you gonna put this, huh? HUH?!"
And finally, the thing that needs to be changed most... is the girl's attitude. Yeah, you think it's fun playing this game while the female character spouts derisive insults at you whenever you try to complete an objective? I'm almost inclined to believe that it's a feminist statement--if it were a guy in-game spouting derisive comments to a player the player assumes is meant to be female, no one would particularly go out of their way to complain, would they--but it's not that; it's just stupid. When you do something good, you should not be subjected to ridicule or punishment through the game. Oh, the girl's complaining about being in that squatting position? Well, with her bitchy attitude of hers, she can sit like that all damn day for all I care.

Compared to your other games like 'StripBowl' and 'Strip Darts with Rednecca', this is pure garbage. It's no wonder your website was a giant flop.