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2112-Coop Chapter3

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2112 CO-OP is a 3D shooting game implemented with a 2D engine.
It looks like a real 3D game with perspective
first person viewpoints and camera movements.
It has eye-catching color effects and great music.
The user interface is quite straightforward that everyone can learn to play within a few seconds.
It is designed with a dual-screen system
and two players in mind, so you can play it with a friend at the same time.

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Ah yes, Chapter 3 of 2112, Something about this chapter makes me smile, Seeing how great the action was, How we got to see the antagonist, Capturing the second player, seeing how Cynadic reacted towards her calls and yelps for help. To the final scene where the game goes all matrixy. It all kicks major ass! The animation's truly still on point, even for its time, It looks exactly like a on rails shooter game with a low budget, and that's what truly pulls me in.

Oh chapter 3

Oh I guess you have a few of these and I will have to check them all out they are pretty strategic focused so gotta stay on path with that and need to really maintain a good focus you have made a good game here and I like how you put them in chapters so nice work indeed on these as for improvement not sure maybe some bonus stuff and Easter egg stuff but besides that this was pretty good and enjoyed the energy you put fourth here and hope you make even more of these

Some bonus and Easter eggs would be great


2112 Cooperation Guide.
I have a trick when you playing hard mode
chapter 1 : If you play only Cyandic,Be shoot faster (If 2P playing,Be carefully about Eanlormies)
chapter 2 : Shoot Brothers's foot to just like 360 backflip XD
chapter 3 : S.S.B(S) are shoot multiple bullet,Try shoot fastest as you can (At Eanlormies with shield,
You need to stunt by shoot only 1 bullet,then kill all
Chapter 4 : Roll your mouse wheel to shoot deadly
Chapter 5 : You need 2P to play this game

Password : It's ROYAL. Why you don't playing HARD MODE???

Enjoys!!! I'm AN (or AlienNon),3DBBQ's Best Fans!!!!

yes i am good at this

The parts are getting more and more awesome