Music Catch 2

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Catch all the new shapes, patterns, motions and songs in Music Catch 2! The task is simple...the more shapes you collect, the more points you get. Yellow shapes still multiply your points, but what does the pulsing color shape do? Unlock new shapes, patterns and even the ability to play your own music as you go further and further into the musical world of Music Catch!

UPDATE: Thank you everyone for all of your great feedback! Here is some more info based on comments thus far.

*** Once you unlock the "MP3 from URL" feature, you can use any public URL that returns an MP3. Since the file has to be public, music on your own computer will not work. Also, HTML pages and YouTube videos will not work because they do not return an MP3 file. Most URL's will actually end in .mp3, but as long as the URL returns the MP3 data, any URL should work. If a valid MP3 file fails the first time, trying again may fix the problem.

*** For example, to play audio from Newgrounds Audio Portal, you just need to replace the XXXXXX in the following URL with the Newgrounds ID of the song you want: www.newgrounds.com/audio/

*** The music in the game is by Isaac Shepard and is from his album "Deep Joy".

*** NEW iPhone Version: Music Catch is now available for your iPhone. Check it out! /www.musiccatchgame.com


This game is

without a doubt one of THE best games I have ever played.
Don't listen to guys like KracniGuy below me, he doesn't know what he's talking about.
Here's to Music Catch 3! ;)

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Utterly amazing

I am amazed by the... everything!
The gameplay was simple, yet challenging,
The diffrent "Modes" you could call them, kept the game intresting and gave it alot of replay value.
And the music was just beautiful. So calming and pure.
The ability to play songs form teh audio portal is just genious!!
This is, dare I say it, a game that comes pretty close to perfect.

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Its a nice change from all the gore and button mashing. It gets boring after a while though. Good Job!

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Ultimately amazing.

I didn't even read the decription, so I sqeualed when I could use an MP3 song. I really love this game, it's simple, challenging, and fun. The best game devoted to music so far. Ever.

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If I'm absolutely honest, when I first read the title "Music Catch 2", my immediate thoughts were "oh god, not another classic ruined by a crappy sequel"

This is far from just another crappy sequel though - it doesn't ruin the original, it builds upon it, using perfection as a starting point and getting better from there. I loved the first game, and this is just amazing. I find that playing music through this is even more enjoyable than listening to it straight out. Just a shame you can't use files from your computer.

The game really is the epitome of interactive art, it takes two art forms and fuses them together in such a beautiful way that's almost indescribable. This may sound mindless praising, but this game really is the purest, more beautiful game I've ever played.

Thanks for making it.

On a side note, some songs that work well with the game once you've unlocked the ability to play songs from a URL are Heart Of The Winter by Danman87, Eleanor Rigby (cover) by AlexSandford, Burden by Hania, and The Composer by Jazza.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/downl oad/197810
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/downl oad/116543
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/downl oad/103761
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/downl oad/97089

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Mar 10, 2009
1:59 PM EDT
Skill - Collect
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