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Hello New Grounders,

Welcome to our latest title, Knightfall - it's based on a prototype we started several months back and is probably best described as a "puzzle role-playing strategy game"; bit of a mouthful, but it's the best we could come up with. :-) It combines elements of Mr.Driller, Puzzle Quest, Rogue and Collapse, and the end result is a fairly fresh, original title we think.

The game consists of 2 modes, 3 difficulty settings, 5 areas, and plenty of fiendish enemies to do battle with. There's also a leaderboard for each game mode and 28 achievements for all you completists out there; the game remembers which difficulty level these were achieved on, so only when you've achieved "gold" on all of them can you say you've done everything. :-)

The basic premise is to reach the door on each level, grabbing the key along the way. You don't actually have direct control of the hero, so in order to manoeuvre him around the board you must drill away groups of 3 or more blocks of the same colour, and also rotate the board to change which way is "down". You can also vanquish enemies by coming down on them from above with your drill, earning you experience and gold. Each enemy attacks the hero in a different way, but you can learn something about each one by clicking on them before facing them in battle.

For all those wanting to know how to unlock each achievement, here's a quick breakdown:

"Death From Above" - Perform a 3 x combo
"Sir Grindalot The Wise" - Reach experience level "10"
"Difficulty? Nay!" - Simply complete the game
"No Logo Knight" - Don't buy anything from the shop!
"The Bravest Chicken" - Reach the final battle without killing anything
"Sir Dodgealot The Swift" - Complete game without being hit!
"Swords, No Sorcery" - Reach the final battle without using magic
"Merlin's Way" - Reach the final battle without attacking any monsters with the drill
"Nowhere Near Rock Bottom" - Complete game without using block switch tool
"Hoarder Extraordinaire" - Accumulate 10,000 GP or more
"Dashing Adventurer" - Complete the game in double-quick time
"Grandmaster" - Complete the game in under 300 moves
"Superboring" - Destroy 20 blocks in one drill
"A Clutch Of Magic Mushrooms" - Catch 3 Golden Mushrooms
"Last One Left At The Banquet Table" - Complete the game without letting your AP drop to zero
"Variety Is The Spice Of Death" - Destroy one of every enemy in the game
"Rainbows over Camelot" - Drill blocks in order of: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
"Medieval Monochrome" - Finish a stage while drilling only one type of block
"Deadly Gentry" - Finish a stage with no enemies left
"Ghosts 'n' Goblins" - Kill 100 enemies in a single game
"All in one" - Complete the game in one sitting, without quitting or dying
"Monster's Munchbag" - Take damage from 3 or more enemies on the same turn
"Tiptoe Through The Turnips" - Complete the game without waking a Mandrake
"Honour Amongst Thieves" - Complete the game without having an item stolen
"Collector's Edition" - Buy one of every item in the game
"Fowl Play" - Kill 10 or more chickens in a single game
"Fall From Grace" Fall from the top row of the board to the bottom
"Relentless" - Reach Stage 50 in the Purgatory Quest

I think that's just about everything - if you have any questions or feedback then feel free to leave a message here or PM us. Thanks for reading and we hope that you enjoy the game!


The Megadev Team.


There are very few games that I will come back to.

Dino Run was one; This is another. I loved this game; I'd kill to see an expanded version on my DS. My only complaint was a lack of warning about fighting the Devil; Most games will give you a confirmation dialogue at a no-turning back point. Like, "OMG. Are you sure you don't wanna buy more potions?" Sort of thing. Couldn't beat it the first time because of that... Second victory stuck me in the number 2 slot for today though, woo :)

Big Bad Devil

Personally I loved the way you worked the Devil fight. The intervening enemies might have been half-unnecessary, but the fight was really fun. It was frantic in a only-the-best-choices puzzle way because of constraints regarding how long potions could keep you afloat.

I had 58 hp when I fought him and it took about 3 tries to get him all the way down on easy. This felt just about right, considering I stacked all full potions when I headed into Hell and had two to spare by the end of that group of stages.

I loved the sounds, music was mutable which let me pump out iTunes while drilling away and that was good, and the strategies needed to tackle all the various monsters in their attack methods combined to make a game that's hard for me to tire of. I'm worried I may not know my left from my right though because I kept getting confused on which way to turn the board to get certain angles.

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Pretty good game

I finally beat the devil in easy mode. I like these kind of puzzle games (I can play Tetris or Dr. Mario for hours).

I have a question, though. Is there an END to Purgatory? I'm up to level 102 on easy and it's still going!

Nice game

It is a good puzzle game with good story line. You did a good job with the game as there isn't much wrong with it and not really much improvement you can do with the game except maybe some more music to mix it up and also to put the tutorial in game instead of forcing players to another web page to watch a tutorial. Making the shop more available and items better priced is also needed. So yeah quite good except for some small things.


I have very mixed feelings about this game. It's an interesting conglomeration of other puzzle types, and the types mesh together very well. However, when I play a game to its final boss not out of addiction to the game but out of irritation to beat the goddamn thing, something's wrong.

I can't really say anything that hasn't been said, but I'll say it anyway:

1) Luck plays far too large of a role than it should. When I can lose 10hp on a stage from action point penalties, die, then beat the next three stages in 2-7 moves, something's really out of whack.

2) The items (with the exception of the armor) are disproportionately priced to the amount of gold you actually get and to their acutal value to the player. Seriously, the magic items do very little-- I got through to the Devil using only the chicken scroll you're given at the beginning. By contrast, I used several Elixirs and Health Vials (as well as the chicker you're given.) Make the items cheaper and provide more opportunities to purchase them (at least health items.)

3) Speaking of the Devil, WHY THE HELL DOES IT TAKE SIX HITS TO KILL HIM? In the context of a PUZZLE GAME of this complexity, that's more than ridiculous. I understand your desire to make him challenging, but between the very limited items, his massive HP, and the massive amount of damage he deals even with the armor, it's nigh impossible. In an hour of fighting the Devil, only once did I manage to land two hits before I died. You could cut his HP and damage in half, let him attack a little more frequently, and you'd still have a pretty challenging boss. Either that, or for God's sake allow the player to stock up on Health items before fighting him. (Even then, he should only take 4 hit max to kill.)

Overall, it's alright, but those are major issues that need to be worked out before you have a great game.

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Mar 10, 2009
6:35 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG