Air Attack Sea Raid

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This is my Dad's first game (I've made dozens)

An unknown air-force is attacking your navy, you must shoot it down.

Mouse to aim and shoot.

Left and right to move.

Up and Down to adjust sound.

Score in the end is determined by time, amount of enemies shot down, times your were hit and a few other variables.

Read the instructions.


good game

for your dads first. the planes are a little fast for your ships bullets. pretty much my only problem. and to those who give it a 0 because they couldn't win, they need some help in how to play games without being sore losers for losing to an easy game i beat it right away. it wasn't too hard to solve the bullet to plane speed problem. i just shot where i thought the planes would probably end up and then i won so. so good game it has real potential.

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Easy space cowboy

I'm not sure if it's the crack or the coffee but you gots to slow this down bro. The bullets are way to slow and the planes way way to fast. It could possibley be fun if I wasn't so out of wack. Resubmit.

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Great Job!!

Your dad did a great job for his first game. You might want to use something though to fix the lagging. Some ideads for the new one would be for a person to choose their fleet and maybe have different ships with different stats, like one does alot of damage, another can shoot fast, and maybe have the ships move around. What was cheap was that when my battleship died, my aircraft carrier would spawn in the middle of 2 to 10 bombs. Maybe let the person where to put the ship?

what the heck??

wow, this game sucks! I mean you can't even hit the fighters at all! And believe me I tried. This game really needs a LOT more work done on it if it's gonna be a decent game at all.

to the guys below.

this guy said that it was his DAD's first game, he didn't make it. and he probably just put this on Newgrounds for Him.

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2.45 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2009
4:56 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed