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***Edit - thanks to everyone for their great feedback! I hope we can make another game like this in future.

Please be kind when you vote - this is a hard game to master - so if you fail, try try try again.

Your objective in this game is to grow beetles, breed beetles and to produce the ultimate beetle. You have to look after these bugs, feed them, entertain them, and clean up after them. Not so easy.

Grow bugs, breed bugs, sell bugs, buy bugs, evolve bugs, race bugs, fight bugs. This game will keep you busy for a long time.

Can you keep your bugs alive and succeed in the bug world?


Linkin Park Music?

Numb? :D

Good work.

I really enjoyed this game, add more depth to it in the sequel and you'll really have something going.

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Just one thing. If you make absolutley no improvments in the next game, at least make this one thing: A Way To Earn Money! The fights and races are just way too hard in the begining, and You'll lose all your maney easily in the arena. Make some odd jobs or something, just make a way to earn money that doesn't invovle worrying like hell if your going to win or not.

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Hard but alright

It was really frustrating constantly worrying about health happiness and hunger. Also the length between breeding times was really annoying especially when the pairing didnt yield the advanced bugs you want. If this game taught me anything its that I shouldnt have pets.

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Good Concept, but......

First thing you have a pretty good idea going for you, needs some improvement on the way you race or fight. How can people face bugs with 5 times the strength or speed your bugs have. Should implement a training system that's how it is done with Hercules Beatles you tie them to a rock and let them pull it makes them stronger, or let your bugs fight or race each other. And as others have said need to slow the happiness, hunger and health decreasing rate at least by half. I liked it personally so keep it up and i look forward to part 2.

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3.70 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2009
2:01 PM EDT
Simulation - Pet / Buddy