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Mar 9, 2009 | 12:09 PM EDT

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Our assignment was to make a PSA about something that matters to us, and since nothing really matters to me, I made an animation about discrimination.

Took me four weeks, enjoy.


hah, front page. That's awesome, thanks everyone.



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I agree with the previous comments
I am in a college and every time a black person gets a lesser mark then me in theyr opinion it is only because they r black not because they r lasy never arrive on time never do the homework attends maybe 50% of classes never listens never mind all that they got less because they r black
ffs that is ridiculous


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i agree with xadinUK

racism is not dead but it's a result of most minoritys still being racist towards white people. it,s hard for white people to give up racism completely because every time something goes bad for minoritys as a group they say it's the white mans fault and its impossible to give up rascism when the minoritys won't do it themselves. i know people will hate that i said that but it's the truth. if you want racism to die stop the minoritys racism towards white people.

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Stop the hate - If only!

I will start by addressing those who seem the thing racism is dead, I am afraid you are sadly mistaken. Though it is not a overt than in the past it is now buried underneath a layer of political correctness, so under this smirking mask underlying roots of the problem are still there.

If we can stop arguing about if this is racism, bigotry or prejudice for a moment (as they are the same thing, check out a thesaurus), or if this would have been more prominent at an earlier time in human history, then you may be able to see this could be applied to more situations than the time of apartheid in America.

As humans at their base components are tribal, today in western culture that generally falls to families and their social circles. So we get communities of minorities grouped together as seen in most cities (strength and safety in numbers) this breeds a feeling of isolation and often resentment.

Racism is alive and well, we still have websites like storm-front spewing out their hate onto the net, on youtube sensations "chocolate rain" (a striking song about this very subject matter) has had "comments" posted preaching WHITE POWER like a mantra! Hitting closer to home for me look at Northern Ireland, we still have a war going on based on religious racism which we cannot see an end to, don't get me started about the conflict in Gaza!

In America you have Obama, in my opinion one of the first truly idealistic president since the days of 'Honest' Abe Lincoln himself. However the big hoo-har is not about his policies but rather the fact he is the first Black American president. During the running he pleaded that he be seen as a candidate not a Black candidate... evidently his pleas were unheard.

Unfortunately we will never be truly rid of this beast as it is part of us as humans and as such part of the system of human society.

Anyway that out of the way. To the animation, I like the fact no one talks because racism isn't always spoken, it can be in the way we think or react, the idea with the different colours and shapes sufficiently passed on the idea that racism can be between anyone even the one being originally persecuted. Also the fact the story does not 'end' is a good point because it doesn't in real life.

The actually movement animation could have done with a little more work as it could have been a little smoother in places, however this is newgrounds and I have seen MUCH worse.

The sound effect did a good job and the music was suitable, however (and I'm nitpicking now) I thought the music ended a bit abruptly at the end.

Excellent work hope you did well on your assignment - 9/10

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Absoluetly great good job I appload you realy gets a message across and also.. A great animation great job 10/10


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ya stop the hate

Slay this was a Good flash, I would like to see more info to this, then this would have blown me away. but for informative flash it was dead on

10 for you