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Our assignment was to make a PSA about something that matters to us, and since nothing really matters to me, I made an animation about discrimination.

Took me four weeks, enjoy.


hah, front page. That's awesome, thanks everyone.

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Sad to say...
This is another in a huge, great, and growing list of postings that sums up simply "I'm sorry I'm a (n-word)"...
Between you and me, I'm German, even the family in Holland (i.e. the Netherlands) accuses "us" of being from a German who "jumped the border"...
Yes, Racism is a social issue at it's deepest core, but there are still good people in the world. There are still people who do not judge on race, color, creed, or whatever... I have been white my whole life, and even I have been told to "get out" for the color of my skin... So maybe, we should just start with the admission that we are country-men first... First we are all Americans... Or possibly, first, we are ALL artists... And in that, we can find a unifying light, draw ourselves closer together, and produce even possibly, a unifying voice to unravel the racial, climatological, and class warfare that "O'Beazy" has slung onto us in rank and file today!
Keep up the VERY good work, but put a bit more into it from now on, mate! You can get there!!! I assure you...


A excellent submission with a very powerful message i enjoyed it very well

Well Done


Nice message. And like some else pointed out no voices used to do it.

I like it

this is a simple way of saying racism is bad, and you can easily tell what's going on. and to enshpeagle, history says color of people's skin is what makes them different, not recent history, more like when slavery was popular. It's also their gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, etc. that causes hate. the shapes don't have to be about skin color, you know? the square guy coulda been a homosexual passing by the extreme-straight triangles. It could also be an intellectually challenged(since mentally retarded is no longer politically correct) person walking by. I wouldn't know how "some people" rob "bangs", what ever those are, but I do know that "some people" don't choose to barricade themselves inside ghettos, deal drugs, or murder(themselves or others). I may have watch too much movies or dramas, but "some people" might say "I'm doing this for my family! to put food on the table!"

That lil paragraph isn't just for talking to enshpeagle, it's also to show what other types of hate there are.

I would like to think that the better way of saying what the theme is can be found in the there she is series. That's always amazing to watch. This is a good short as well.


Enshpeagle was stupid for dropping the zero bomb..

I liked it. Theme was well placed and animation was smooth, it made me laugh a little too

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Mar 9, 2009
12:09 PM EDT