The Zombie Hunter 1

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I have submitted several Zombie Hunter games to NG. None like this one. After several weeks of work, the true Zombie Hunter has become LIVE on NG. This is the first installment of a 5 part game series. Please report any and all bugs back to me. Thank you NG!

V - Attack mode
SPACE - attack

You must hold V and hit SPACE WHILE HOLDING V to attack.

Thank you again NG. I hope you enjoy my game.

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it's ok

but i did have a glich, i died with the pistol (it had full ammo) and when i came back, i could shoot bullets with my hands, they were pistol rounds and unlimited amount (as long as you had stamina) might want to fix that

GOOD not Great

UMMM it seems to be an alright game i got used to the angle and the controls but may i suggest more ammo and more weapon choices.Again like many had said change or just tweak up the controls a bit more.It is a fun game to play and all but i no u can add more to it.Zombie hunter could become the best zobmbie shooter game ever. take the suggestions and put it in the next installment(or this very same one)


This game is not bad, it isnt good, but it isnt bad. The main damn problem is the controlls, limited ammo is common and good in a zombie game, but the only thing that made this game hard, were the controlls, that is the most frustrating thing in the world.

Change the control system and its an easy 6/10, change the controlls, the textures, and probally more ammo, and its a win

Good game...but...

I have to agree with some of the other reviews: You need to fix the camera angel, and the control scheme--I found the V + spacebar really annoying and confusing espically if you have 5 zombies coming at you. Also like 1 review stated...you need MORE ammo in the game. I mean you get a gun with a full clip; you get what 8 shots? Each zombie takes 2 shots...so you can kill 4 zoms with a full clip what happenes when you're out of ammo and you go into another screen and you have 4 more of the undead waiting to eat you? Just run and loose life? If you can fix the control scheme--I can deal with the top down camera angle easily enough--and add more ammo or just infinate ammo--since all you get is the handgun--this game gould be one of the great multi-part undead hunter games.

its ok.

the angle and button choices took getting used too. mustly lovement. i think the puck should pack more of a wallop. the zombies i tried to puinch out didnt drop, but the boss did drop after a few punches.

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3.13 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2009
2:44 AM EDT
Action - Other