Sadja's Soul

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Experimental Flash. Please give constructive criticism!

I've been working a lot on my flash and as3, so if any of you have tips on how to improve, please don't hesitate!

It's only about a minute long, so don't expect anything monumental.

So I primarily focused on:

-Multiple layers
-Shape and Motion tweening
-Color properties
-Audio Syncing
-Play and replay buttons/coding
-Frame by frame

Again, if you have ideas of how I can improve on these, please tell!



For a first flash, this is great!!! You made a flash that works perfectly with the music.
One person, who stands out from the rest, doesn't try to blend in and be like the others, his mind is open to the surroundings and the beauty of the world, while everyone ignores this and go on with their lives.
My only complaint is the drawings...
They look like they were drawn by an six-year-old.
Don't take it the wrong way though. Its great!!!


For a first flash, this is very good.
My first flash was blammed, so... Haha.
Graphics: 7/10: Some suggestions, use a glow effect on the sun and moon, and erase the lines. (Select the sun and click the box with the line through it to remove lines)
Animation: 10/10: No complaints.
Sound: 9/10: Just music, but it fit.
Plot: 10/10: Well thought.
Overall: 9.0/4.5->5.0
Good job, I liked it.

Very Good

Consiedering its your first flash, this is very good. I've seen a lot of practiced flash artists do worse. One thing I would suggest is even thought it might take longer, spend more time on motion instead of just scribbling it in sometimes. The orange guy was good, but the grey people and the clouds could use some work. Also, considering your standing as an audio artist, you think you would do your own music. lol Well, this is pretty good.
Long live Nalgrounds

For your first flash...

...it was actually pretty good! The music fit the animation very well and it being simple, just gave that extra touch, alot of people try to go and do as many things as they can and they end up overdoing it. But you certainly didnt overdo it. Great Job!

pretty good

the simplicity of the 1 minute short was good, but sometimes i think it has some small short cuts which could be easily fixed.. which is the actual detail of the scenery...

Right now im working on a short movie from one of your songs (vivid Illusions) (after the failed attempt to get the NG Megamix onto flash, lol) and i think it does pay to redo some of the details.. But other then that, i think you might have something..

i wish you luck


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3.74 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2009
1:23 AM EDT