The TRUE death of Hinata

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EDIT: Wow!! 3rd place and FRONTPAGE!! Thank you Newgrounds!!! You guys rule!!

Hey hey hey!! New flash!

This one is about the whole Hinata stuff that has been happening on the manga and all teh fans going crazy about it on the forums lol... i just HAD to do this XD

Thanks to Ashleybanger and Hysterical Dragon for the awesome voices!!

This shortie was too long for NR7 so i decided to make a whole flash about it n_n

Naruhina fans dont get angry, be mature and laugh like everybody else... unless you support fillers... lol

I dont care if Hinata dies for Naruto┬┤s sake or gets healed by Sakura in an attempt to prove her medical skills and create a love triangle ... i am just catching this moment in the manga so dont complain if the situation change in the further chapters



What went wrong

The real overrated characters are the Akatsuki. They are bland bishonens who have fangirls that completely ignore the fact that they have done evil things.

I would have actually liked this video if it wasn't filled with so much bias. You were basically going on a filibuster about how you hate Hinata and how much of a Yaoi fangirl you are. First, you call her an "Overrated pair of boobs." Okay. Why? Why do you hate Hinata so much? Because she has boobs? That's a moronic reason.

Then you completely spit in our faces by photoshopping Hinata's face over people who have achieved in the last century. You know, because EVERY Hinata fan sees her as this perfect being that solves everything wrong with this world.

0/10- That's what you get for being an overrated bias steamroller.

=o !

No words can describe such awesomeness! *bows'

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So Halirious!

This is the very first video of Fiori products I watched and It still never EVER Gets Old!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I give it a 10/10!

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Hahahahhahaha!! I can't stop laughing! Hahahahhahahah! OMG! This is hilarious! I give this a 10/10 in review and 5 in votes.


im a big naruto fan how ever this is just way to funny..
it had it all

a good animation
the sound was good
and the jokes was great

10 / 10 keep it up dude great movie

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