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Voyage Ep1: Departure

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Author Comments

Hello. Take note before watching:

1: This is NOT a comedy, don't vote down because it's not funny.
2: This is an EXPERIMENTAL flash, expect strange things.

This animation was made in part for a musical artist, whose music is featured within. He can be found at the link I made above. Download his music because it is free and is awesome!
I really hope you enjoy this animation, because it took me quite a while to make.

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Oooh, I likey.

Has a sort of anime feel to it I think. I like this movie, and I can't wait to see more of it. I also like your style.

The music was great too. It flowed really well with the story.

Keep it up!


Somewhat Epic

Okay. I get it. Maybe a little dark for my taste, but I can appreciate that. My only suggestion is that the art style seems less "experimental" and more "bleh, stick figures". There were a couple parts that looked really good (the gruesome scar comes to mind) but some other things seemed really generic.

Otherwise, good job! The atmosphere was spooky as hell O.o


i can relate to this animation so well, it was almost spooky in how many similarities i could see.
When i was a kid, i suffered from a lot of bullying at school, it left me afraid to talk to people and occasionally i have difficulty coping with life.
I think that due to all the exclusion and fear of people that i endured, i created myself a thing i could talk to, in my head. Now it sounds completely insane, but as kids do with imaginary friends, especially in such a situation of loneliness, i began to talk to myself. I saw this in your animation, with the strange white "ghost" figure that appeared a few times [what scared the crap out of me when i remembered drawing a picture of my imaginary friend, he looked almost identical to your character]. Now ive pretty much gotten over the ordeal of my past, but seeing this animation has helped me a lot. Refreshing the memories has reminded me of how far ive come from that time, and i thank you for that.

I give you a 10/10 for having such a meaningful animation.


um...yeah. It was ok...thats about it. Lacked anything material to really draw my intrest but thats just me. I guess youve gotta be a depressed teen/preteen to really get it. Props on making it though. Just add something original and you might have something here. It has a very vague flavor of salad fingers but nowhere near as cool or as well animated. I agree wit the last guy, ok job try harder next time.

A future?

I see a bright...well, actually, more like a 'dark' future for this character and this video. The animations are lack luster, and the story is slow and painful to stick with when it is boring, but the story itself combined with such fitting music kept me entranced and interested. you have my consent to try harder