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Space rocket

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A quickie loop done during a weekend. I had planned to do it on a single day but got, but I ended adding a bit more of detail.
Song is "The moon" from the Ducktales Nes game, a long time favorite of mine.

If anyone knows a method to loop correctly, please tell me D: (I'm using gotoAndPlay, but I keep getting this small lags even if jumpin directly where I want to)

Update: Fixed the loop! Thanks a lots for the tips to everyone! None did actually work, though it got me to experiment and finally hit a method. My sound was ok, but apparently the problem was with the gotoAndPlay to a frame with a streaming music, it automatically made flash lag for a moment... so I had to find a way to avoid using gotoAndPlay. I still used it to resync the music after a while as it desyncs with some loops. I now need to fix the Look into the sky one.
Also, thanks for the frontpage and positive feedback =D The next flash will have more time invested in it.


Nostalgia at its prime

Although this is just a loop animation, It's still a perfect 10 to me. Rembering the tune from this NES classic and seeing this animation reminded me how EPIC games have become! awesome work! :D

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Ah, I remember this song

This's got good nostalgia goin for it. Would be a cool intro for a video, or maybe a cool idea for a game. Good work, but if you think about it.. there's very little going on here.. A picture of a dude, stars flying at the screen, a wobbly line, a grid, repeat. It's cool, but I don't think it's worth the 10's everyone is giving it. Its just about a 20 second long loop, with very little animation.

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"What was the point in this? To waste my time? Well congratulations, mission accomplished."

You're on a website watching flash animations, I can tell your time is very valuable.

Anyways, great video really enjoyed it. Reminiscent of the good old NES days.

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how do people rate this a 10??? i fail to see what makes this flash a 10...compared to some other flashs on here that people worked on for like months that REALLY deserve the 10s


Really nice, great work!

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4.23 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2009
11:18 PM EDT
Music Video