Inkblot Mania Extended

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It's back with much more! It's still a video made by making several white blob movie clips and organizing them in a cool ways but this Inkblots has a total of 20 interactive screens of hypnotic motions and features a pause button (by request of Hynra). Please vote and review because I want to know what to keep doing and what to change and improve.

Warning: May provoke seizures!

All joking aside, take a break if your eyes are seriously hurting. I don't know if people are exaggerating when they say this (probably are), but it was not my intention to legitimately harm anyone!

Also, try to take your time moving though these. Some of theme are best enjoyed when looked at for slightly more than a few seconds. There IS an awesome rainbow smiley if anyone didn't see it!


i found it!

i found the hidden picture it was funny

Garage responds:

Thanks for the review

Much better than the previous one

Liked a lot of the new ones, a hell of a lot more trippy towards the end and my retinas did start to burn when I stared into the last few for too long...but that was probably your aim all along :P

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Garage responds:

Yes! Someone actually saw my first, non-extended version! People actually responded to that one better than they responded to this (even though it's better in so many ways!)

A bit epileptic

For what it was, I would consider this well done. A few of them were a bit overwhelming, but hey, what can you do, right?

Overall, well done.

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Garage responds:

It's great that you thought that it was well-done. I put a lot of effort into this and some (one in particular, the one with a phone number in red) were meant to be overwhelming.

Strange but good

Actually it is hypnotising, I called the seiz number you put but I couldn't get any help and a friend is acting strangely, lol. Just joking, its really good I liked it, though I guess I didn't understand the ducks part. But its really good, maybe you could do a bit more complicated color-changing duck-killing stuff, lol

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Garage responds:

The ducks were there just for random fun. I don't know about duck-killing action because that's not really the point. Glad you enjoyed it!

Warning: May provoke seizures!

Then don't put them in...

Garage responds:

Then what would I have?

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4.22 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2009
5:50 PM EDT
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