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Mar 8, 2009 | 5:44 PM EDT

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Author Comments

A little game where you start out as a senior QB in high school. Try to improve enough to get a scholarship from your dream school. you get two practices a week to improve, and 12 games before the off season. good luck.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Potential Potential Potential

~ Animation/Graphics ~

The Good Points - Words were properly sized and easy to read.

The Bad Points - Not very pleasing to the eyes. There wasn't any animation, graphics, etc.. It was the same old font over and over again. What would greatly improve this game is to have something such as animation during certain parts of the game and also backgrounds throughout the game itself.

~ Story/Content ~

The Good Points - This game has so much potential. I love football and have played both high school and semipro football. This is also a pretty original game as it's the first RPG style football game that I have every played on newgrounds. Decent choices in what you could work on.

The Bad Points - This has a weird set up. You can play a game any week that you want, which is a really messed up way to play football. For example you can play one game take 10 weeks off of games if you want and then finish off the season. If your going to make it have so many weeks of practice or whatever make it so the games start at a certain week.

Make sure to spell words right. There isn't anything wrong with spelling a couple words wrong in your author comments, but make sure your accuracy in spelling is... accurate. If you haven't guess the word that you spelled wrong in the game was accuracy. ;)

~ What you could add to make it better ~

1) Add animation scenes for the corresponding workouts. If your going to work on arm strength than have an animation of a guy bench pressing. The next time he does arm strength have him doing bicep curls, the next time do triceps, etc... This way you are getting some nice visuals in that all relate to arm strength and at the same time you aren't getting the viewer too bored watching the same thing over and over.

For accuracy you could have an animation of the quarterback throwing through a tire, throwing to receivers, etc.. Simple things like that.

For speed you could simple have an animation of them running, one of them lifting with their legs, etc..

Awareness could be the quarterback watching game tape, just running plays in practice, or anything of the sort.

2) Add backgrounds. Perhaps slightly animated backgrounds like a huddle or a playbook to the menu screen and the screen where your quarterback has the choice to practice, etc..

3) Instead of just yards separate his statistics into running yards and passing yards. This way stats like speed have a little more purpose and you could also add things like running power and carrying ability so you can add another statistic like fumbles.

4) During game day you should have an animation like the quarterback throwing a touchdown pass, completing a big pass play, running for a touchdown, breaking a big run, and vice versa maybe throw an interception or two during a game that he's not having a good game on.

So basically you could do the programming, since it looks like your not too bad at it, and you could work with an artist/animator to make more visuals to greatly improve the content of this animation.

~ Audio ~

A pretty decent song. I see you do audio too. You know you can request audio reviews from me too. :p

I think that if you really wanted to get into this though you could have some nice sound effects. Like noises of breaking huddles, crowds cheering, crowds booing, weight room noises, crowd chatter, and a different song for a lot of the different situations instead of the same song for the entire thing. That would keep viewers more interested in the submission and stop it from being so repetitive.

~ Overall ~

A decent game. Probably deserves less than a 6, but with so much potential and such a good idea it got a lot of extra points from me.

~ Side Notes ~

Is it only possible to get one college? I had these stats.

2457 Yards, 48 Touchdowns, 6 Interceptions, 393 Odds of Scholoarship, 126 Arm, 130 Accuracy, 37 Speed, and 108 Awareness.

Yet I received a scholarship from the University of You Fail At Life? That's crazy stats for only 12 football games and a high school quarterback.

If you want to improve on this PM me. I will help.

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TheSongSalad responds:

thanks a lot for the review, and i think animation would help a lot for this game. the major problem with that is i have flash mx while everyone has at least flash 8. there is a random factor added in at the end for your scholarship status, but i guess it's a little large for you. indeed you would receive a higher scholarship than an imaginary one if you were that good, lol. i think i might try to make something like this with little animations when i get better at animations. thanks, as always for the review, and i'm still working on improving.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not my sort of game

Even though this isn't the sort of thing I would play, I did play on right through to the end and I can see the potential for a flashier sequel.
Perhaps with a few more graphics so you can see how your character is doing or throwing up different scenarios which can hinder you and several stats have to overcome...
Still, it has potential.

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TheSongSalad responds:

thanks for the review, and i appreciate it even though this really isn't your sort of game.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

very plain

other than the music nothing else really kept me playing this game, you need to add graphics, and more than just clicking buttons, i have toyed with the idea of making life sims before, i wouldn't be very proud of this, uness it's a first release on newgrounds...

TheSongSalad responds:

well, thanks for the review anyway. it was just a quick game i made while waiting for some art from my main artist. thanks though.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


LOL! it was pretty random but randoms good :D needs more things to do and you need a back button because i wanted to see what stats i wanted to increase but i couldn't go back once im in the training thing. ye i think u lost me T_T anyway great Game! 8/10 for randomness o ye wats TD?

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TheSongSalad responds:

thanks for the review. TD means TouchDown.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


I see your potential. But it was easy to get over 100 in a stat and I would have loved to see some more interaction.

I was kinda confused on what the stats did for TDs and everything but it isn't a bad concept. Of course, you could always look into expanding this into a full game with recruiting for RB, DE and everything else...

Or you could make it more a sim type where you have to balance a gf or something like that. Not a bad first shot though.

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TheSongSalad responds:

thanks for your review. i'm starting to think i'll make another one, the idea really just started out with something i wanted to do while waiting for some art from my main project, but i think i might make another one now, because it's gotten a decent response. as for your question, your stats (TDs INTs, etc.) change how different scouts view you, which would then change what scholarships you could get. glad you liked it though, and again, thanks for the review.