Tf2: Meet the Pyro

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Let's see, I made this one about 2 years or so before the true one came out. I appreciate the cartoon nature of the characters, as they let us give some of our own ideas a chance to manifest.

My interpretation of the Pyro was a total psychopath, but one whom takes that psychotic work and channels it in to a profession that he's proud of.

Ps: Any Left 4 Dead fans watching this might notice a little something for them too.


not bad

big fan of tf2 and showing this other side is a major lolz for me what with the lack of the meet the...on the latest scout update this makes a good substitute animation is sub par it works it looks fine voices abit muted but over all good job

night-raider responds:

I might be the only one thankful they didnt put out a new video. Imagine working on this, and watching their version using some of the jokes you have. That's a project killer if I ever saw one.

Entertaining, but not perfect

Dialogue was pretty good, the script lines for the Pyro's affinity and respect for his job being the best. However, the voices particularly the Pyro's was extremely off key, since the best way to do this is to apparently record your voice with a mic, an amplifier and a recorder while you speak with a gasmask or anything muffling on your face. Anyways, the art was decent considering this is flash, a little disproportionate at times, but overall it did a good job of portraying actual events and exaggerations. I use the Scout, but the Pyro is pretty cool too.

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night-raider responds:

Very good review. My voice was recorded while I covered my mouth with a scarf, then mucked with it on audacity. Though I might just look into a gas mask.

Pyro FTW

I play a bit of TF2 and i find the Pyro the most fun, I love hearing the scouts running around screaming "FIRE FIRE!!!" Good job by the way, it could have been a great job though

night-raider responds:

Yeah those guys are fun to torch, my favourite is the Heavy's "MY FLESH! IT BURNS!"

Goodie :D

I'm a TF2 and a L4D player too . My fav character is the " Pyro " , It's a funny clip . Love it , but need to work on the animation alittle bit . Keep it up though

night-raider responds:

Thanks for reviewing. Excuse the generic response.

God I love the pyro

Yay, another Valve animation here on NG ^^ Pretty good, I so loled when he said there was a spy :P Thing that annoyed me was the resolution, it's sort of cramped Width wise. Other than that, great work :D

night-raider responds:

I can see what you mean, i don't quite have the eye for proper width and height. Oh well, thanks for watching.

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Mar 8, 2009
2:53 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 5th Place March 9, 2009