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I would like to say 2 things, 1) thank you Doomsda y-One and others for help on the forums for feedback and add/remove mc help. 2) thank YOU for playing my game. Might not be the best game, but i hope you enjoy!

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A breakout game

correction ANOTHER breakout game, But this one offers and interesting twist, in that the blocks regenerate, and power-ups a-plenty. I was impressed by this game and found it quite addictive. Great choice of music, and an excellent game over all. Keep it up :D

Yambanshee responds:

thanx! i tried adding some new elements, and it looked like people enjoyed it


Hey, i'm glad you liked my song, thanks for using it!

Good game too!

P.S. I like the song!! =D

Yambanshee responds:

i like the song 2. The first time i heard it i didint even know when it finished, i played it like 4 times when im like, ah shit, im supose to be finding a song, not listening to music :P due to that, i used it


I found a bug. They ball can get stucked in the left side. if bounces from the black border and to an invisibel object and back to the border...

The game is allright though, not bad, but nothing special.

Yambanshee responds:

could have sworn i fixed that...

A decent Arkanoid/Breakout clone...

Since you made the paddle waggle when it hit the ball, you could actually make it affect the ball's rebound trajectory if the paddle's moving(if that was already in the game I didn't notice it), it should add a pretty interesting twist.

Yambanshee responds:

I was actually thinking about something like this, but decided not to.

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4.05 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2009
7:25 AM EDT