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Animated cartoon by François Abbott & Kirill Fessenko.

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What they said

I agree with the two comments below, and would add that the west got where it was by having workers in similar situations as today's sweatshops. Sure, they're a horrible place to be, but can the west really tell third world countries that they can't take the steps we did to become first world? Also, it is important to note that in many cases people voluntarily work in sweatshops because agrarian life / being unemployed is worse.

If you are trying to make a somewhat different point, make it a lot more clear.

The actual animation was ok if a bit strange. I did like the 3d effects.

dot's right.

random dot's explaination is better than the animation, if i could, i would give him a 10/10 - 5/5
the begining could have been left out, but the part about the gourging sheep keptin, and the slave animals given more detail.
this puts me in mind of 'Animal Farm'
but there's no real driving force behind who controls the workers. are they there b/c they will find happyness if the sheep or happy, or will the whip be spared if they work hard and fast?
where's the "evil"? it's not the sheep, nor the workers, it could be the shepard, but he's a figure head, nothing more. the shepard brings them in, that's all.

Wait just a minute there...

I understand the meaning you're portraying, but those people aren't just slaves for no reason. The cows, horses, birds ... they didn't just magically appear in a sweat shop one day. No. First there was a businessman in their part of the world that figured out s/he could sell stuff to buyers in the Western world. And then they figured out they could pay their workers next to nothing and treat them like slave labor because their OWN COUNTRY'S laws let them do such. As far as supply/demand goes, there's nothing wrong with being a consumer. But if you're going to make us feel guilty for it, you should first point the finger at the greedy god damned business people that take advantage of their own country's citizens.

Same holds true for slavery. People bag on the Southerners for being slave owners. Well, first, someone in Africa had to be selling slaves for someone in the West to purchase and utilize them. The way this occurred was an African tribe would enslave a rival tribe, sell them off to european slave traders who then "exported" the slaves to the west. (I use "export" in quotes, because treating a human being like a commodity is pretty distasteful). But, nobody wants to point the finger at the START of the problem...they want to point the finger at the END of the problem.

In causality, for every action there is a reaction. If you want to stop a reaction, then you must first stop the action. But, no, you want to be reactive and blame the reaction, not proactive by blaming the action.

I understand you're trying to shed light on this. And my heart really did sink when the transition in your flash was made to show it was all just a machine that certain creatures benefitted or were enslaved to. But I'm trying to say there's a critical piece of "machinery" missing from your metaphor ... the economic enablers ... the greedy businessmen ... who see ways to exploit others and profit from it. And 9 times out of 10, those greedy profiteers are people native to the soil where the sweat shop labor is being exploited, not some white foreign business person.

really amazing

the whole thing, the message, the animation, it was phenominal

It's ok but it's useless

Give you a 6 great animation the sounds were a bit weird the animation was fine. But what is it for needs more of a story.