Crazy Tower Defence

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My First full flash game. A simple tower defense. Thought I'd see what newgrounds thinks of it :-D

Made by Lim
Below is a game strategy guide made by jesuispotato:

what you want to do is first set up two black ones for the first couple of rounds
make them at the left hand corner but adjacent to each other so something like this
X _X
once u get enough money upgrade the black one (the one on the right)
then the other one
later on add a poison one between them
afterwards add a another black one at the bottom right corner
upgrade it later on
once u get enough money buy a red one and put it on the bottom left hand corner
upgrade it if u can
then put a blue one below the black one that is on the top right hand corner
upgrade these all to the highest except the poison one just upgrade like once or twice
at the end of the game you are going to have an infinte amount of enemies (i mean alot!!)
i suggest you start to save up your money and at the end just put abunch of red ones on the sides and corners add acouple of blue ones at the beginning and near the top right hand corner
hope you kind of get the point i know there are better ways to beat this game >.<

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only 1 lvl?

Nice little game. Is there only one level? or are there more and are just my towers exploding after placing them? As said by 44dman44, you could add a sell button. The game isn't bad though.

Nice work lim.

Ten out of ten for lim.

really addicting!

simple yet brilliant, its very addicting. anyone reading this: PLAY THIS GAME!
great work toblerone!


465942 was my score in the end... but its bad that you cant submit your score :(

This game is not special but funny and easy huh,...


First I'm gonna say to future players, disregard any bad reviews for this game, those people obviously did'nt take the time to sit down and seriously play this game. It is an amazingly challenging game, albeit slightly different from most other Defense games you may have played. But worth playing for sure. I got immersed in it, as you will if you give it time to get going. Its crazy to think it was made with such a small file size. 35.7kb ridiculous. And heres a tip for you, use basic cannons in the corners to start and upgrade them as you go or you will suffer severely. BIG UP'S Toblerone. Great Game. I bet your future projects will rock. Only complaints are it could do with some background music and possibly a quality button for older comps, but besides that Awesome!

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2.39 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2009
1:45 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense