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Yet Another Tower Defense Game 3.
VERSION 2 i've made the poison towers a bit better, still think they suck though, i've added a menu and i've also added 15 more waves, 35 + 15 = 50 and 50 = YAY!
Added an Easter Egg, on the menu, its pretty lame and hilarious in one go.
Still has a lot of the old bugs but now it has easy hard and medium modes, it also has a on off button for the retarded sound/music
Hope you enjoy this game, I'll be adding new towers and such pretty soon. All comments will be read and appreciated.

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It's the exact same as the last one! Aside from the menu, it still has the same 'borrowed' graphics, the same source code, the same path as the copy-paste tutorial you used, and the same crappy style! Furthermore, the linkage is faulty so the towers don't disappear if you exit out of a game! This not only proves your personal inferiority, but is annoying and unoriginal! The crappy music is even worse! I can't offer constructive criticism because you haven't contributed anything into this Flash! Learn the program the hard way and get good at something. Even on your news post you're asking someone to do graphics for your game in which you're just using some copy/paste tutorial to 'program' it. Stop it with this and make something good, script kiddie.

An okay TD

Its an okay TD but it lacks variety, in all aspects. It was also too easy even on the hard setting, for me at least; I don't know how many will agree with my sentiments on that point, I found myself clicking the thing to spam waves half the time to hurry the lines of tanks up.

The cannon towers seemed a bit overpowered as well; a few lines of them with about 3 or 4 water tower in front all down the left side and your set for the game, it made the flame and poison towers seem a bit obsolete to me, but all in all it I still played it for about half an hour, so it can't be bad.

PowerfrogProductions responds:

half an hour, wow, glad it entertained you for that long, and yeah, i agree, i made it FAR too easy, I'll change that in future updates. and i also agree that the cannon tower is over powered but the fire tower? i thought that was stronger than the blue tower, ahh well, I'll tweak it till its perfect, thanks for a good review. As for variety, I'm going to be making more towers, including super ones, and different maps, maybe even a "create your own map" thing, check it out next time i update if your into TD's

Great start!

seems to be a bug where you only see the stats of the last tower you built no matter what you click, but this game has serious pottential :)

PowerfrogProductions responds:

i know of that bug, and i'm working on it, thanks for such a great review!


I dont know, I just liked it. Very simple yet very fun for some reason. Only bad thing is that the annoying "Nananana" thing kept on going on >.> Overall I liked it, haha :P

PowerfrogProductions responds:

you do realize there's a mute button?

it rocks

the game rocks my plox off >.>

PowerfrogProductions responds:

plox? meh, its still awesome.

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4.58 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2009
8:02 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)